HoYo Fest in Manila!

Written by Jillian

November 7, 2021

As we all know MiHoYo has announced that HoYo Fest collab cafes are coming to Southeast Asia including the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam in celebration for its fans. Each café will have a themed after Honkai Impact 3, Tears of Themis and Genshin Impact.

The Themed Café is held in Moon Rabbit Café + Restaurant at San Juan, Metro Manila. Here is the schedule of each theme in case you are unaware:

  • Honkai Impact 3rd: November 5 ~ November 16 (currently ongoing)
  • Tears of Themis: November 19 ~ November 30
  • Genshin Impact: December 3 ~ December 14

More info on our post about HoYo Fest

We are delighted that MiHoYo has invited us over to experience this one-of-a-kind Themed Café for Manila have never quite experienced a themed café outside of an event and of course, it has been quite some time since we are able to attend such an event over the past year.

Before we start, For the health and safety of guests, MiHoYo encourages ordering takeouts and deliveries. Don’t worry though if you’re not able to dine-in, takeout or delivery comes with a printed tote bag and a cup sleeve. All gifts and merchandise will be distributed by the staff of collaboration cafés. Make sure to bring your vaccination card if you and your companion will be dining in. wear facemask and have your face shield with you too.



Moon Rabbit is located strategically in San Juan, Metro Manila. In order to go there, you can take a grab or you can Waze it if you will be bringing a car along. There is a parking space so no need to park anywhere near the place. The location is along a residential road. Do note that on one side of the street, there is construction happening and expect a little training around the area too.

The place is really cozy for the café and restaurant are separated so you will have a little personal space of the themed café you are in. There is also a wall for dedication to the HoYo Fest, so I suggest bringing a pen and some sticky notes and a lot of creativity to hang on their wall. There is also a place for people who wants to walk in or don’t have their vaccination cards outside of the café.

There are cutouts of the characters placed around the vicinity of Moon Rabbit, a photo wall of the HoYo Fest tarp. So bring your cameras to take some wonderful photos during your stay.



We are invited to attend the Honkai Impact 3 theme and the food choices are: Chicken Claypot Rice, Sliced Beef + Rice, and Crispy Squid + Rice, also you get a dessert and free drink of your choice. Honestly, it’s better to buy the set meal than to buy it individually since each set meal costs only PhP 450.

Unlike the other themed café in Japan or Korea, the food is customized and personally tailored to each character, however here in Moon Rabbit, that is not the case for the food is dependent on what the café + restaurant is offering and is not based on what the character’s favorite food is. Despite it not being customized or personalized, I love the food, especially the chicken and squid. It is not too strong or flavorful but it sits well on your palates. They also didn’t hold back on the serving of the food which is highly appreciated because we all eat a lot and enjoy the food as much as we can. You can also take home the placemat on the table for it’s really adorable.


Of course, who would not leave the café without any merchandise on hand. Merch are being sold from acrylic stands to keychains to a 1/8 scale figure. Prices are ranging from Php190 to Php6,000 depending on what merchandise you will be buying. This is for Honkai Impact 3 merch, I am not sure if it will be the same price range for Tears of Themis and Genshin Impact merchandise.

Please take note that each day, there are only a specific number of merchandise that is being sold. If you want to buy one, come early for you have a chance to go in first before the others.

There is a rule when buying merch, For Reserved customers, you need to buy a set meal to be able to buy merchandise. Do come early before your reserved time for you will be given 10 mins ahead to purchase. While for Walk-ins, yes you guys can walk-in, you are required to buy at least Php150 on the menu before buying merch inside of the café.

Always remember social distancing is a must as well as wearing your facemask and having your vaccination card in hand.


My personal experience in the themed café is wonderful. I love the food, the coffee, the location is peaceful and it is refreshing to see other faces and see them enjoying themselves outside, having a conversation among friends and just enjoying the moment.

The place is cozy, the staff is very accommodating and the setup of the café is simple and yet elegant to the eyes. The cutouts are not scattered aimlessly, decals are very cute. It was a first to experience a themed café in Manila that everyone is kind and generous and behaved, unlike the other themed cafes I have been to outside of the country. The set menus may not be tailored to the game but it’s an Asian fusion cuisine that is good for 2 to 3 people. I had a hard time finishing the squid alone and there is still beef to eat on the side. Despite not being able to buy any merch, I am happy I got to take home some pins/badges given to me. I also got a few freebies as well when I got my food. Cute stickers I may say.

We are able to talk to one of the organizers, he mentioned that despite the location being in San Juan, he found out that there are people outside of the Metro that traveled all the way there to attend the themed café and just enjoyed themselves. Some may have not gotten merch for it sold-out immediately but seeing the fanbase of Honkai Impact 3 is such a wonderful thing. He is excited as well to see when the Tears or Themis and Genshin Impact’s turn on the themed café.

I’m sure a lot are waiting for reservations to start for the other 2 games, for I too am waiting. I haven’t attended an event in a long time and this themed café is making me excited to attend the next one. Menu for the Tears of Themis is out as well as the merch, hopefully, this time I get to take home at least 1 of the boys with me.

For more information about the HoYo Fest, please check out the link. Always remember to wear your facemasks and have your face shields on hand with you. Social distancing is a must as well inside the café. Share your moments with miHoYo but put the hashtags #HoYoFest #HoYoFest2021 #HoYoFestPh #miHoYo on your photos and videos on your social media sites.

Let’s all share this wonderful celebration of miHoYo with all its fans worldwide.

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