BREAK ARTS II is coming to PlayStation 4 on December

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November 8, 2021

Indie game publisher PLAYISM is proud to announce BREAK ARTS Ⅱ, a phenomenal battle racing title developed by Japanese indie developer Mercury Studio, is coming to PlayStation 4 as a digital download version in December 2nd.

BREAK ARTS Ⅱ is a Robot Customization battle racing game that was originally released in 2018 on PC, where players would customize their own robot to change their looks or abilities. The game has multiple modes such as Single-player, Time Attack and Online Multiplayer races.


Faster Than Anyone. Stronger Than Anyone. And More Stunning

Customize your robot for “cyber battle racing” in a game that offers all the thrills of racing, battle, and customization.
Online, Offline, Time-Attack… which mode will you dominate?!

Mind-boggling Customization

Assemble your robot from a range of parts―each with its own abilities―allowing for virtually unlimited possibilities in customization. Some robot parts can fold and unfold, come apart, and rotate, so you can build your dream machine any way you like!

The game has been further tuned in order to bring the best possible experience to Robot and Race game fans alike for the PlayStation 4. Some fans have found the customization and battle races so addictive they’ve racked up over 1000 hours of playtime on PC!


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