Battle Royale Mobile Game Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier is Now Available

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November 18, 2021

SQUARE ENIX today announced that FINAL FANTASY VII THE FIRST SOLDIER, the battle royale action mobile game set in the world of FINAL FANTASY VII, is now available on iOS and Android devices, kicking off with the first season of the game, “Rise of Shinra.”Set in Midgar prior to the events of FINAL FANTASY VII, players will embark on an intense battle royale experience where they must fight to be the last SOLDIER standing.

Longtime FINAL FANTASY fans and newcomers can jump into the action now and prove themselves as prime SOLDIER candidates. Players will use magic and special abilities along with ranged and melee weapons to triumph on several FINAL FANTASY VII locations including Seventh Heaven, Corneo’s Mansion, Honeybee Inn and more. Additionally, players can choose between various styles, each of whom boast unique special abilities:

  • Warrior – This Style’s strength comes from close-ranged melee attacks.
  • Sorcerer – Specializing in mid-ranged AoE attacks; this Style’s basic magic spells Fire, Blizzard and Thunder are powered up.
  • Monk – A high-vitality Style which comes with self-healing and shield abilities.
  • Ranger – Skilled in seeking out enemies and sniping them from afar.
  • Ninja – Perfect for stealth and ambush attacks, this Style comes equipped with a double jump.

In addition to other SOLDIER candidates, players must also contend with ferocious monsters who inhabit the outskirts of the city. By defeating them, players can gain experience needed to level up and unlock new weapons. Classic FINAL FANTASY elements abound in the game, such as rideable chocobos, powerful espers, including Ifrit, to summon and materia, which enables players to cast devastating spells. Players can customize their characters’ outfits and accessories, obtain various weapon and vehicle skins, emotes and more to create their own unique SOLDIER.

In celebration of FINAL FANTASY VII THE FIRST SOLDIER reaching two million pre-registrations, all players have access to exciting rewards as login bonuses, which include a Chocobo Egg, Shinra Mask Skin, Shinra Bike Skin, Shinra Utility Vehicle Skin and Shinra Helicopter Skin.

Additionally, special launch sales are available for a limited time, including bundles based on Cloud, Tifa and the Security Officer, containing skins and emotes for players to customize their characters. Players have the opportunity to unlock the season pass to gain access to epic rewards including skins such as Rufus from FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, Scorpion Sentinel, Unknown Entity and more.
FINAL FANTASY VII THE FIRST SOLDIER is now available as a free download with in-app purchases through the AppStore and Google Play.

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