What to Expect on Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker

Written by Chad

December 4, 2021

You’ve finished Shadowbringers and you are itching to get into Endwalker, here’s what you can expect with the newest expansion.

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker is now available for early access players, which of course will be causing a large influx of players congestion the servers, and that’s a good problem for the dev team at Square Enix. While some are still waiting for the formal launch on December 7, some are probably still on the fence about getting the new expansion immediately, as we can guess that some are still starting out with the Final Fantasy XIV base game or still finishing the other expansions. But in case you wanted to know what’s the new stuff in Endwalker, we’re here to give you a rundown, so let’s begin.

The conclusion to the Hydaelyn Zodiark Saga

The sage continued to several expansions in a span of eight years, now finally coming to its end. We will be able to learn the secrets between the two entities while trying to overcome a bigger calamity that threatens the entire star with the Final Days. But fret not, Endwalker will not be the final expansion of the game but rather the end of the long saga with a new chapter that will be revealed at the end of the game’s main scenario quest.

A whole new story expansion also means a new set of content to experience such as new side quests and role quests for your jobs (character classes) that add more adventure to your Warrior of Light.

New Jobs (and updated actions for the current jobs)

Endwalker introduces two new jobs; the DPS Reaper and the Healer Sage. Both will introduce whole new mechanics that still play their significant roles, and the current jobs will be getting some updates and additions on their actions (skills).

New areas to explore, and dungeons to conquer

With a new story to unfold, this also means new places to explore, the following are the new areas and towns to be added in Endwalker:

New towns

  • Old Sharlayan
  • Radz-at-han

New areas

  • Garlemald
  • Thavnair
  • Labyrinthos
  • Mare Lamentorum

You can expect some more unannounced areas to discover that was not mentioned as it’s a potential story spoiler.

New dungeons and raids are also expected, you can farm for new gear and other goodies from these dungeons as well as encounter epic boss battles such as the Anima who first appeared in Final Fantasy X and the Magus Sisters in Final Fantasy IV.

  • High difficulty raid Pandaemonium
  • Alliance Raid Myths of the Realm

There are also new beast tribes to meet and become friends with, and you can acquire unique items from each beast tribe

  • Arkasodara
  • Loporrits


New contents to experience

And it’s not just the dungeons and the areas that are getting new batch of goodies, some other features in the game that caters to different types of players will be getting updates. So if you’re a competitive player, crafter, or just wanting to have some social time with other players, there is something new for you.

  • Small scale PVP
  • New residential district: Empyreum
  • New race Male Viera
  • New Trust Ally, Estinien Wyrmblood
  • Island Sanctuary
  • New updates on Gold Saucer
  • New gear, minions, mounts, recipes and more!

Some changes and additions

  • Increased level cap to 90
  • No more belts
  • Readjustments to HP and damage calculations
  • Coming soon: Oceania Data Center
  • Coming soon: Data Center travel system

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker is now available on the PS4, PS5 and PC for Early Access, the full launch will be on December 7

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