BATTLE STEED: GUNMA Early Access Live on Twitch

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December 14, 2021

Streamers have been picking up this Giant Robot Battle Royale TPS Game and being streamed on their channels recently. On December 14, watch the famous Esports player and Twitch streamer Jelty play BATTLE STEED: GUNMA a 6 vs 6 Battle Royale of Giant Robots!

Watch Jelty’s stream here:

Join Jelty and other streamers playing this game and see what it’s like to be a pilot to a large robot war machine.

BATTLE STEED: GUNMAhas also recently posted new Patch Notes on its current Early Access. The team is hard at work to make sure each of the players will have the best gameplay experience, and their last update shows just how much they are changing and improving what needs to be done.

BATTLE STEED: GUNMAis a 6 vs 6 Battle Royale 3D TPS gameof Giant Mecha Robotsmade by MGAME Corporation. The game entered its Early Access last on August 26, 2021 and has been streamed on Twitch. You can expect more streamers trying this strategic battle royale composed of gigantic robots in the coming days, fighting it off to see who is the best mecha pilot there is.

Choose from the variety of battle modes: Siege War, Node War, Greed mode, and more to see different kinds of challenges. You can easily play with 3 vs 3or the maximum of 6 vs 6and enjoy these mecharific modes with the gang.

8 Giant Battle Robots

Pick your Giant Robot and see which play style fits you best with the variety of weaponry and mechanical differences each has for you to choose from.

  • AH-64 Iron Wolf
  • T-80 shadow Specter
  • NT-01 Armored Golem
  • MR-17 Royal Unicorn
  • SP-23 Phantom Griffin
  • GA-75 Night Centaur
  • ES-37 Greedy Goblin
  • DP-99 Sturdy Minotauros

Discover Planets

Visit the different planets and choose which one to battle in with your friends. Find resources on Mars, Earth, and so on to build better gears for your Giant Robots.

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