Onmyoji Arena’s Fourth Anniversary is Around the Corner!

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December 22, 2021

Old days are gone and the new chapter is right around the corner. Onmyoji Arena is going to celebrate its fourth anniversary with all onmyoji, who have been so supportive during the past four years! Let’s meet at Heian-kyō to celebrate the anniversary and open up the new chapter filled with infinite possibilities.

Being Together for Four Years But There is More to Come.

In the past year, all onmyoji have experienced tense yet exciting battles in Heian-kyō, together with countless precious memories. Our memory is the longest battle lasting for 96 minutes and 58 seconds, the highest output of 472446 in one game; Our memory is the launching of the first original SHIKIGAMI “Izaya”; Our memory is the launch of steampunk, cyberpunk, PECCATUM band and many other brand-new worldviews and series of skins; Our memory is more about the joy we had together in the game. It is you, all the onmyoji, who made the world of Heian-kyō more diversified and wonderful.

There will be more to come in the coming year! Onmyoji Arena will keep bringing more SHIKIGAMI, more skins, more worldviews to enrich Heian-kyō! Crossover events with other famous IPs are also on the way with more surprises ready to meet you! For all onmyoji, please keep supporting us and stay tuned to Onmyoji Arena for another exciting year!

An Invitation to the Fourth Anniversary Celebration in Onmyoji Arena

The celebration for the fourth anniversary of Onmyoji Arena officially started on Dec 17. All of the onmyoji will enjoy all the gifts that were prepared!


The Launching of New SHIKIGAMI

Time: Dec 17

In the sandalwood temple on a snow-capped mountain peak, Ungaikyo is sitting alone, silently. But when he touches the mirror in front of him, it reflects grass, flowers, birds, rivers….. everything in the world. Since then, the boundary between good and evil, light and shadow no longer exist, and the loneliness in the snow-covered mountain becomes a legend.

As the warming up for the anniversary, new SHIKIGAMI Ungaikyo will be launched in Onmyoji Arena. What kind of excellent performance will the Guarding SHIKIGAMI to offer?  Coming soon!

Wishes Come True

Activity time: Dec 17 – Jan 14

Something that stays in your mind will someday spring up in your life. During the anniversary celebration, if onmyoji can finish the daily requests, they can easily get the skin raffle props, and even to get the highest award — choose one from the four epic skins!


Activity time: Dec 17 – Jan 14

During the celebration, Heian-kyō will be so lively and bustling that you don’t want to enjoy by yourself all alone. Why don’t invite your friends, old and new, to play together?  During the activity, old users can invite new players to join and after both finish activity requests, you and your friend will receive awards including Gold Dharma and uncollected epic skins!


A Picture Scroll for the Anniversary

Activity time: Dec 31 – Jan 14

In the past year, many changes have taken place in Heian-kyō, and all of the onmyoji have left their precious memories. Let’s review the days we spent together and draw a picture scroll together! After you complete a series of tasks, you will be able to unlock the four images of different worldviews launched by Onmyoji Arena last year and receive awards including uncollected SHIKIGAMI. Those who collected all of the four will be rewarded with Gold Dharma!


Free for a Limited Time

Activity time: Dec 17 – Jan 14

In the past four years, more and more SHIKIGAMI have joined the Onmyoji Arena. During the activity, all SHIKIGAMI  are free for trial use. It is the best time to try out your long-waited SHIKIGAMI or start to change your style. Seize the opportunity and expand your SHIKIGAMI set!


Wartime Letter

Activity time: Dec 17 – Jan 14

The flame of war is burning everywhere. The world is in upheaval. But the home letter woven on the sleeve is the hope of reunion. The 2nd Anniversary skin of Kosodenote “Wartime Letter” will be available again. Let faith guide your way out and conquer everything! For those who love Kosodenote, don’t miss out!


Black Jade Dragon

Activity time: Dec 31 – Jan 13

It is the repeated exercises hundreds and thousands of times that make the perfect Kung fu. The 3rd Anniversary skin of Kyonshi Imoto — Black Jade Dragon is now available again! The panda girl will shine Heian-kyō again after her hard work!  For those who love Kyonshi Imoto, don’t miss out!


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