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January 24, 2022

Sci-fi grand space simulation game INFINITE LAGRANGE is about to release its major update today. Through brand new game content, explorers will be able to sign the Data Rescue Agreement, discover the new contract galaxy and find precious assets buried in it.

The galaxies explored this time were once abandoned during the “Second Candidate” Planet transformation experiments targeting the abandoned galaxies because of the stellar storms. And much of the experimental data has been buried in these galaxies forever. Therefore, the consortium management has issued a Data Rescue Agreement with three points to note during the data rescue period.


Data Rescue

Planet experimental data is partially buried in abandoned experimental centers, which are also the focus of major research institutions. Therefore, after signing the agreement, explorers need to send the temporary fleets provided by the agreement to the buildings to collect the experimental data and transport them to the Stargate or to the cities occupied by the alliance for preservation. The final star rating will be based on the amount of experimental data collected by each alliance.

Experimental data transported directly to the Stargate by alliance members will be registered under the alliance name, while data stored in allied cities will be transported to the Stargate when the system is evaluated. In addition, if one city’s ownership changes, the data stored in the city will be lost.

Stella Storm

Due to the “Space Warping Vibration”, some stars are still inactive state and the intensity of radiation varies frequently. Outbursts of particle flow happen occasionally, and the radiation area could almost cover the entire galaxy. Frigates and destroyers in the particle flow region will be attacked, as well as the buildings in the jet zone.

As planets create a shielding effect, blocking the radiation from stars and creating a safe zone behind it together with the jet zone. Therefore, explorers need to enter the safety zone behind planets for shelter before the outbreak.

Explore in the Ruins

There are many abandoned cities and wrecks of war in the galaxy because of Stella storms. Explorers can go exploring and collect various useful materials in between stellar storms. Different kinds of ruins exist for the explorers to collect, but these materials are also guarded by NPCs. Explorers can only get those materials if they can defeat the NPCs, but also need to stay cautious of the privateers around them.

Up till now, the Warping Reverberation phenomenon has drawn close attention from the majority of the Galactic Factions. Both the future research into it and its development will have a profound influence on the landscape of the entire Lagrange Network. New galaxies full of unknown crises are waiting for explorers with all kinds of precious materials and valuable data. A dangerous yet exciting exploration journey is about to begin.

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