First Impressions: Hyper Front, a very familiar mobile version of a known FPS.

Written by Louis

January 27, 2022

NetEase’ 5v5 Hero Shooter Hyper Front enters its beta phase and we tried it so you don’t have to.

China-based game developer and publisher NetEase has launched a new mobile FPS called Hyper Front. Taking on the popular Hero Shooter genre the game is, well, can easily be described as a mobile version of Riot Games’ recent hit, VALORANT. While Map design can be debated on, although many of the key elements are there, the character and gameplay mechanics are highly similar, with the only major or noticeable changes being elements like Gender, Voice Lines and of course, names.

Introducing So…errr, Faith Arrow

But we’re not here to call out, we’re here to talk about the game experience. So how is it?

Gameplay Basics

Hyper Front is a 5 versus 5 team shooter where you can choose characters with different abilities. Weapons are purchased each round, and players are rewarded for every kill or completed objective just as unleashing the crystal. Characters are classified by their skillsets and can either be at the frontline, initiate engagements or support teammates with abilities such as heals and revives. No character can be chosen twice in a team, and once locked in, selected characters can not be swapped or changed throughout the course of the match. Weapon types include handguns, sub machine guns, rifles, light machine guns and shotguns with auxiliary equipment such as armor. Abilities also need to be purchased before a round starts although characters can still use certain abilities at least once without the need for purchase.

If all else fails, go eco


Game Modes

The most common game mode, Classic or Disarm Mode, divides the players into attacker and defender teams with the objective to either eliminate the opposing team completely or to successfully plant (Attacker) or defuse (Defender) the StarCore. New players will be made to get used to this game mode first as it will be the only one available although different game modes can be unlocked once you hit certain levels.

Defusing the StarCore in progress.

Other game Modes in Hyper Front include, Death Fight which is similar to Team Deathmatch,  Arms Race and a Conquest Mode which is a more faster version of the Classic Mode.

Character Selection and Availability

Initially, a pool of 5 characters is available for selection for new players at Hyper Front, each character has their own offensive, defensive and utility based abilities. Players who have played the other popular hero shooter might find themselves easily familiar with the abilities as little to no changes are made to most of them.

Can you guess who’s who?

Based on their promotional material, Hyper Front plans to release 10 a total of 10 characters and possibly future cosmetics, given NetEase’s approach to microtransactions. Right now though cosmetics for weapons are available for purchase for that added customizability and personalization of the game experience.

Look at my pretty gun


Gun gameplay in Hyper Front feels like it needs a little more polishing before it is ready for a full launch. Comparing it to other pre-existing mobile FPS games, Hyper Front’s gun mechanics can feel a little clunky at times. Recoil can be a little inaccurate and the level of aim-assist is not what you’d expect to be compared to other FPS mobile titles like Call of Duty: Mobile. Still it would seem like Hyper Front will try to appeal to the competitive FPS gamer by porting the experience and feel of the more traditional PC FPS experience into mobile instead of tweaking it to lean more towards the casual player. This approach might divide fans, and keep the entry level players from appreciating the game from the get go but if the goal is to create a more higher level mobile FPS experience then a just few tweaks might just bee needed before it’s good to go.

It takes a while to get used to but it can work if they go in the right direction.

The elephant in the room

As much as we want to avoid that talk, there is no denying that Hyper Front IS a clone of Riot Games’ VALORANT and a more direct one at that. In contrast to NetEase’s other popular ‘clone’ RULES OF SURVIVAL which has a lot of elements from hit Battle Royale games like PUBG, Hyper Front feels more like a reskin rather than something inspired by another original. Of course clones of hit games, regardless of platform, are nothing new and this is not the first time that this has happened. However with rumors and talks about how VALORANT will possibly have a mobile version in the future, and with Riot Games going after developers which they think infringe their work, it’s going to be a very interesting future ahead of Hyper Front.

You can download Hyper Front beta on mobile for the Android on the Google Play Store

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