Mecha Fridays: All aboard the Good Smile Mecha Hype Train!

Written by Louis

January 28, 2022

Nendoroids? Nah son, we’re talking about robots!

Good Smile, the toy company known for the highly sought out Nendoroids has unveiled a new project focusing on mecha figures called Mecha Smile. In an event held early on January 2022, Good Smile talks and unveils new additions to their mecha lineup featuring figures from iconic and well known mecha titles. While this is no the first time that Good Smile has created products for Mecha enthusiasts, with one of their popular brands with mecha models being Moderoid, this seems to be the most expansive and extensive with more than 30 new models being announced to the public.

The lineup includes mechas from popular classics such as Magic Knight Rayearth, Mobile Police Patlabor, Getter Robo and Cross Ange, western franchises such as Alien and RoboCop and even the more niche super robot titles. All of these new figures will also be under the Moderoid line which means expectations regarding detail and articulation are pretty high, durability of course is a discussion for another day as, depending on the number of accessories available, Moderoid figures can get loose quite easily especially is you love to change the parts every now and then. Still we’re not here to complain but to enjoy and celebrate these new mechs which will soon become the bane of our wallets. And with that you can check out the full gallery of upcoming mecha releases below. Just take note that these models are still or are yet to enter production so the actual product look and feel might vary.

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