Eternal Return: Black Survival Latest Updates with New Character, New Season, and Skin

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March 1, 2022

The latest update for Eternal Return: Black Survival features a character, hotfixes, and preparations for Season 5

New Playable Character Update, Felix.

Lumia Island will be introducing the Bulwark Spear, Felix Green. This guy may be a student, but it makes him none less dangerous in a fight. With his spear, he chooses to protect those around him from any sort of peril. This energetic guy will pounce at his enemies quickly and swiftly.

But how will a good guy fare in Lumia Island? With his goal being “Make everyone around him happy!” Will he be able to pierce through his enemies to survive, or will he change the game completely?

Find out his skills and combo, as well as the gear that will make Felix as dangerous as he can be with his spear.

Eternal Return: Black Survivalalso has a recent Hotfix.

The 0.52.0c Hotfixstarted on February 21st at22:00 (PT). Despite a bumpy start for New Season, with the recent hotfix, you can now use Laura in Ranked. With this character update, Laura’s skills are also fixed for a more balanced and challenging way to use her, but still maintaining a fun way to play

Laura’s availability in Ranked also means the weapons you build for her have been updated to balance it out. And as of today, the team continues to monitor everything if a problem does arise.

Hotfix details here:

ERBS Players also have a New Skin: Midnight Shinobi, Yuki where you can flex this amazing and cool skin as you hunt and kill for other survivors on the island. Because it’s very important to look great and be killer awesome at the same time.

For every Yuki main, you can now get this skin as it’s been available since February 16thand can be also redeemed via Game Pass Perks.

Season 5 is upon us with more characters, new skins, and great other features to make Lumia Island more dangerous and fun for all players.

Some of these you can expect this Season 5are:

  • Ghostly Presence Battle Pass!

  • NEW Character Laura

  • FREE Champion Jan!

  • Season 5 Pack! (Featuring Plague Doctor Daniel)

  • NEW Daily Missions (with A-Coin and profile icon awards!)

More details about this can be found here:

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