Exoprimal is the newest IP from Capcom where you fight against hordes of dinosaurs

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March 11, 2022

Capcom has announced a brand new IP called EXOPRIMAL that will be an online team-based action game


The game will be produced by Ichiro Kiyokawa who handled the Steam version of Monster Hunter World and Monster Hunter World Iceborne, and will be directed by Takuro Hiraoka; main planner for Monster Hunter Generations and Monster Hunter World.

The year is 2040, sudden dinosaur outbreaks have engulfed the globe in a crisis that threatens humanity’s very existence. Yet all hope is not lost. The corporation Aibius has developed a hyper-advanced AI called Leviathan that can predict the location of future outbreaks.

This technology, along with Aibius’s revolutionary powered suits, or exosuits, gives humanity a fighting chance to stem the tide of the saurian swarms. Exosuit pilots, otherwise known as exofighters, are in high demand. Take the exofighter aptitude test and join the ranks of Aibius’s heroic pilots in their fight to stave off the extinction of the human race.


Exoprimal is an online, team-based action game that pits humanity’s cutting-edge exosuit technology against history’s most ferocious beasts – dinosaurs. Exosuits are grouped into different roles, and players will pilot these exosuits to hold firm against overwhelming dinosaur swarms in online-only, team-based action game modes.

Dino Survival, the main game mode, sees two teams of five players compete in a variety of PvE and PvP missions. Players will be transported to the scene of the latest dinosaur outbreak and follow Leviathan’s guidance to complete objectives. The team that completes the mission first will emerge victorious.


There are a variety of exosuits in the game, each with a unique role.

Based on their range of abilities, exosuits are primarily categorized into one of three roles: Assault, which uses an array of attacks to defeat enemies; Tank, which protects teammates by drawing out enemy attacks; and Support, which can do things like heal allies and weaken opponents.

Exofighters can change exosuits at any time, even during battle, by performing a suit change. Although doing so will leave you unprotected for a short time, you can take advantage of this flexibility to alter your team composition on the fly and complete your objectives.


Some of history’s deadliest predators, such as T. Rex, Raptors, and Pteranodons, emerge from dimensional rifts called vortexes. Faced with hopeless odds while fighting hundreds of dinosaurs, working together to use your exosuits’ roles effectively is crucial. You will enjoy a gameplay experience where victory feels amazing.

In Dino Survival, the game’s main mode, teams assemble at dinosaur outbreak locales and strive to complete Leviathan’s various missions faster than their competitors to win the match. Missions will change based on your skill and what’s unfolding in-game, so each time you play feels different. Leviathan also serves as a voice navigation system that explains your next mission, shows the route to your goal, and so on, guiding you through the gameplay.

Exoprimal is currently in development and targeted for release in 2023.

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