New Details on Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Along with Release Date

Written by Chad

March 18, 2022

The massive expansion is coming on June 30, 2022! The expansion will even bring various new contents to Monster Hunter Rise.

Kamura Village is finally at peace, having fought off an onslaught of monsters’ attacks known as the Rampage.

That hard-earned peace is disrupted by the unexpected appearance of the wolf-like monster Lunagaron in the Shrine Ruins.

In the Shrine Ruins, the hunter meets Fiorayne, a knight of the Royal Order. Fiorayne asks for the hunter’s help in investigating why monsters from the Kingdom are becoming violently aggressive and invading other territories, including Kamura. United in mission, they set off for the far-off land.

Introducing The Three Lords, challenging new monsters await you

The elder dragon Malzeno, the powerful and boulder-like Garangolm, and the icy wolf-like Lunagaron, these three monsters comprise the Three Lords, an infamous trio of monsters that threaten the lands of the Kingdom.


An elder dragon covered with elegant silver scales. It drains the life energy of other living creatures, creeping around at night and attacking its prey from behind. Though Malzeno appears regal at a glance, it takes on a more sinister appearance after draining enough energy.


A monster characterized by its massive and rigid body. Their sap-like fluids can promote plant growth, forging a symbiotic relationship with flora that grows in their bodies. They can also use that sap to harden plants or the surrounding soil, outfitting their bodies and enhancing their attacks.


An azure-colored Fanged Wyvern with an organ that chills the air it inhales, which then circulates throughout its body in a unique form of thermoregulation. It can travel long distances and endure significant environmental changes, allowing them to occupy a wide range of habitats.


A new locale featuring a vast of environments: The Citadel

The Citadel is a new locale centered around the forlorn ruins of an old castle, featuring a vast array of environments from forest-covered areas to frozen icescapes.

It’s home to never-before-seen monsters and endemic life.

The place where the castles and towns used to be the territory of the Kingdom, but it seems to have been turned into ruins by the attack of monsters. It has a vast of environments: lush forests, cold windy highlands, and castle ruins with vivid traces of fierce fighting.


Improved gameplay and nimble-feeling additions to combat mechanics

Combat is fast-paced and allows for great maneuverability thanks to the Wirebug, movement through each locale is as quick as it is satisfying, and a host of different endemic creatures liven up the environment aiding you in a variety of ways.

The revolutionary gameplay you know and love has only gotten better!

New Silkbinds have been added for all weapons!

New Silkbind Moves/Attacks have been added for each of the 14 weapons! Utilize these new abilities to further customize your own hunting playstyle. More details will be announced in the future, so let’s have a look at the Promotional Trailer just released first.

Move around the locale more freely

You no longer have to perform a Wiredash in order to initiate a wall run! Simply dash, fall, or perform a midair evade towards a wall in order to run on it. Wall runs can even be initiated from other moves that don’t require the Wirebug Gauge.

Note: An additional option will allow you to control whether dashing, falling, and midair evade will initiate a wall run. (Choose from “ON,” “OFF” or “OFF only in combat”).


Introducing new endemic life that will help you on your hunts!

Make full use of new endemic life to enjoy more colorful hunting.

Here is the introduction of a part of the new endemic life that will help you on your hunts!

Morphed Wirebugs

New types of Wirebugs that shine more brilliantly than regular ones.

There are two types, the Ruby Wirebug and the Gold Wirebug. Capturing one will grant you beneficial effects.

【Shared Effect】It becomes easier to initiate Wyvern Riding, and your Wirebug Gauge recovery speed is boosted.

【Ruby Wirebug Bonus Effect】Mounted Punishers do more damage.

【Gold Wirebug Bonus Effect】Wyvern Riding attacks are more likely to cause a monster to drop materials.

Note: Only one Morphed Wirebug can be used at a time.


Marionette Spiders

Closely related to the Puppet Spider, these creatures are covered in blue hairs with a striking orange pattern.

Their silk can be used to take control of a monster and force it in the desired direction, which, if aimed towards an obstacle, can damage the monster and potentially topple it.


Elgado Outpost, the Research Team’s Headquarters

Elgado is an outpost of the Kingdom, and home to the research team tasked with looking into the mystery surrounding Malzeno and other Kingdom monsters. The Outpost is bustling with knights of the Royal Order, researchers, sailors and traders, and hired hunters.

Due to its dual nature as a trading port and research outpost, it’s outfitted with all the necessary resources for enterprising hunters.

The Kamura Tea Shop also seems to have set up a mobile shop in town, which means any hunter can get their dango fix even weighing anchor in Elgado.


A New Cast of Characters to Help You on Your Adventure

Introducing a colorful cast of new allies that will aid you on your expedition in Elgado!

These characters are performed by luxurious voice actors to make the story more vibrant.


Knight of the Royal Order Fiorayne (Voiced By: Valerie Arem)

De facto leader of the Knights of the Royal Order. Together with Admiral Galleus, she helps lead the research team’s investigations into the mystery surrounding the Kingdom’s monsters. Imbued with a strong sense of responsibility and a penchant for over-seriousness, she is known to occasionally resort to heavy-handed measures to accomplish her mission.

The Admiral Galleus (Voiced By: Ted Evans)

The leader of the Knights of the Royal Order and the commanding officer at Elgado Outpost. Though a man of few words, his dignified presence and unwavering leadership abilities have earned him the stalwart trust of the Royal Order and of the citizens of the Kingdom.

The Scientist Bahari (Voiced By: Julian Smith)

The Wyverian lead scientist of the research team at Elgado Outpost. Hailed as a genius by everyone in the Kingdom for his sharp, analytical mind, which has puzzled out the solutions to countless scientific enigmas. On the other hand, he is also known to be rather eccentric. Once something has captured his interest, he becomes blind to everything else—sometimes leading to reckless behavior.

The Quest Damsel Chichae (Voiced By: Xanthe Huynh)

Elgado Outpost’s one and only quest receptionist. Though it’s her first time performing the official duties of a quest receptionist, her diligence towards her work has made her a beacon of strength for the knights stationed there. In fact, even the Admiral and Fiorayne seem to show her deference. What might she be hiding?

The Smithy Minayle (Voiced By: Cherami Leigh)

Operator of Elgado Outpost’s Smithy. She’s young, but possesses the expertise befitting her position as one of the Kingdom’s blacksmiths. Through Rondine’s good graces, she has come to Kamura Village to further her craft by learning from Hamon the Blacksmith. Minayle loves her work and everything to do with weapons and armor, and bangs out each task while gripping her mighty hammer!

The Merchant Oboro (Voiced By: Daman Mills)

A Wyverian who runs the market in Elgado. Though usually calm and composed, he sometimes lets his merchant duties get the better of him. He boasts an impressive knowledge of items and other fields, which his inquisitive mind pushes him constantly to expand, usually through his love of reading.


Join the hunt on June 30! Digital version is available for pre-order from today.

Featuring improved gameplay and nimble-feeling additions to combat mechanics, unique new monsters and hunting locales, and a new difficulty level in the form of Master Rank quests. The massive expansion Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, which will even bring new content to Kamura Village and other aspects of the original Monster Hunter Rise, is coming Thu, 30 June 2022!

Players who already own Monster Hunter Rise can pre-order the digital version of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak and Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Deluxe Edition, which includes several special download contents, from today!

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Release Date: 30 June 2022

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Deluxe Edition Release Date: 30 June 2022


3 amiibo with Exclusive Layered Armor will also be available on the game release day!

3 amiibo of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will also be released on 30 June 2022 together with the game!

Use amiibo in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak to get special layered armor unique to each amiibo! They’ll also allow you to try the in-game Lottery for a chance to obtain items!


Digital version of Monster Hunter Rise is Now On Sale

The digital version of Monster Hunter Rise is having a special offer on Nintendo eShop and Steam!

  • Nintendo eShop: Until 31 March 2022
  • Steam: Until 21 March 2022


Sale items

  • Monster Hunter Rise digital version: 34%-off at Nintendo eShop and Steam
  • Monster Hunter Rise Deluxe Edition digital version: 34%-off at Nintendo eShop / 33%-off at Steam


A note about the upcoming title update for June 30, 2022

On release day, Capcom will be releasing a major title update to coincide with the release of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

After downloading this update, players who have purchased Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will be able to enjoy the new features and contents added by the expansion.

Players who have yet to purchase the expansion will still be able to access a portion of the new content, such as weapon balance changes, and will also be able to download any free item packs and character edit vouchers.

Additionally, please note that you must apply this update in order to play online. The expected size of the update is 13GB. Make sure you have enough free space before attempting to download.

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