5 Minecraft Survival Servers to Check Out in 2022

Written by Chad

April 15, 2022

Commonly referred to as SMPs, Survival Multi-Players are easily the most popular Minecraft servers which stay true to most of the original game’s survival, single-player mode.

The main reason? Losing health and dying by falling, being attacked (by players and mobs), or drowning are included in these Minecraft servers. On a survival Minecraft server, you must ensure that you are protected from the weather and aggressive creatures (particularly Creepers) before darkness falls. Build dwellings and gear, explore the underworld, and defeat the ender dragon!

If you want this authentic Minecraft experience, here’s a list of some of the best servers to play on with a group of friends, whether large or small, PvP or No-PvP!

1. Blossom Craft  

BlossomCraft is a fantastic server known for providing incredible experiences. They provide a relaxed, no-fuss, economic, SMP server community valued above everything else. The server is running 1.18+, and both Java and Bedrock players are welcome to join!

Keep-inv, player warps, grief avoidance, and more plugins are available on the server to enhance the player experience while remaining faithful to Minecraft’s foundations.

2. Immortal Survival  

The Immortal Server is the largest Minecraft Survival server available, with a network that can support up to 1000 concurrent users. It sticks to the vanilla gameplay experience and only applies the most minimal modifications to the game.

With seamless cross-play compatibility on their java servers, you can play from your phone, Xbox, and PC, and your friends may join you on their favorite platform.

3. Wild Prison

Wild Prison brings a brand new OP Prison gameplay to life by providing its players with unique custom features. Because competition is the focus, there are regular events where everyone is eligible to participate, with the potential to earn fantastic gifts by demonstrating your talents and finishing in the top spots.

You’ll also periodically have access to giveaways where anybody can win free ranks and perks, which we all know adds to the excitement!

4. TulipSurvival

TulipSurvival offers a relaxed Minecraft Survival community with quality-of-life add-ons to enhance your gaming experience. You can play with your friends, claim land, develop towns, form player warps, buy and sell items to others, and much more.

A few of the servers available are player warps, player economics, grief prevention, and voting rankings.TulipCurvival strives to maintain a welcoming community, so if you are looking for a fun and relaxed environment, give this server a try.

5. BumbleCraft

BumbleCraft is an LGBTQ+ Java and Bedrock Minecraft server. If you’re searching for a welcoming community and fun game modes, look no further!

Their EARTH-SMP server’s Earth map is 1:500 scale, which is the biggest ever seen on a public server. LifeSteal offers a one-of-a-kind experience complete with teams, customizable enchantments, and more.

Survival includes avatar bending, slimefun, and everything you’ll need for the ultimate personalized survival experience. BumbleCraft also offers a oneblock gamemode in which you must live on one block while leveling up via several phases.

BumbleCraft supports java and bedrock, allowing you to play with anyone who doesn’t currently have access to a bedrock account. You can connect to bedrock by going to play.bumblecraft.net and entering port 19132.


The goal of survival servers is to build a strong Minecraft player community. It makes little difference if the economy is based on diamonds, emeralds, coins, or whether the server uses the latest Minecraft plugins available.

Having good folks to play with will greatly enhance your experience. A speedy, lag-free connection, an easy-to-remember IP, and courteous staff members are all characteristics to look out for when looking for the best Minecraft servers.

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