MU Online Opens its First Speed Server of the Year

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April 18, 2022

WEBZEN has announced that its classic PC MMORPG MU Online’s new Speed Server is now open to all players.


MU Online’s latest update brings 2022’s first Speed Server, which supports players with extra EXP to level up. The Speed Server is open to every MU Online player including the newly added Southeast Asia servers Noatun and Jotunheim.

In the new Speed Server, players can not only take the fast track to reach level 700, but also participate in special events and receive benefits.

The MU Online team has prepared a giveaway for all players to make the Speed Server even more enjoyable. Gold Channel Ticket(7Days), [SPEED]+9 Divine Archangel Weapon (3Days), and more items will be given as freebies, which can be received just by logging in to the game.

During the event period, a mission event will be held to reward players with various items according to the levels obtained. Moreover, players who reach the maximum level the fastest in the Speed Server will be prized with special items, including 100,000 Ruud.

After playing in the Speed Server, players can transfer to the original server with a transfer ticket from the in-game shop, which will be given for free to everyone once per account. Once players transfer to the original server, they will be rewarded with items such as +11 3rd Wing, +15 Armor/Weapon, +11 Bloodangel Armor, and so on.

In addition, players can also get more gifts from the original server by reaching the mission levels. Rewards such as Guardian Elf Muun(30Days), Gold Channel Ticket(28Days), Skeleton Ring/Pet(14Days), and more are awaiting players on the original server.

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