Blockchain gaming continues to be controversial as Blizzard President says: “No one is doing NFTs”

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April 26, 2022

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) continue to remain a discussion point for many in the gaming industry, however, it seems one of the biggest game franchises in the world has a view that might disappoint blockchain gaming enthusiasts.

Blizzard Entertainment President, Mike Ybarra, has recently denied that the company is interested in pursuing and using blockchain technology for the games that it continues to create.

The organization, which has recently been acquired by Microsoft in a deal worth reportedly $68.7 billion, has seen speculation emerge in recent times regarding the technology, however, a short five-worded tweet appears to have doused the rumors with cold water.

In a post on Twitter, Ybarra wrote: “No one is doing NFTs.”


What are NFTs and why is there excitement regarding blockchain in gaming?

An NFT is a unique digital item that is stored on a digital ledger that is known as a blockchain. This technology has proven to be controversial for many, however, that has not necessarily dampened the excitement that has been enjoyed within the gaming industry.

Indeed, there are a number of benefits to blockchain that can be enjoyed, and those that enjoy gambling activities to have already experienced those advantages. A crypto casino has become a top choice for players in recent memory, as they provide gamers with the opportunity to place transparent wagers that are also recorded permanently and can be viewed. Furthermore, there has been the ability to create and develop new types of games with this technology, including provably fair titles.

Moreover, many who gamble and play at a crypto casino will also benefit from instant transactions, whilst also enjoying a level of anonymity, and a greater level of security. Lastly, the decentralized system that cryptocurrency adopts also provides favorable benefits, especially for those who wish to enjoy blockchain-based gaming in countries where it may not be legally possible to do so.


A number of global gaming companies believe blockchain gaming is worthwhile

Although it seems as though Activision Blizzard does not believe there is a future for blockchain technology, there are a number of global gaming brands that seemingly do feel the tech has a place within the industry.

Yosuke Matsuda, who is the President of Square Enix, has revealed that it could “provide incentives” to players that want to “continue to evolve”, as content creators would be given the opportunity to own parts of the content that has been created for the game.

Additionally, Ubisoft has not hidden its positive stance regarding the possible implementation of NFT games within the industry in the future. The company has been vocal about it, whilst they have also introduced an NFT cosmetic system that is known as “Quartz” which offers limited-edition cosmetics that can be re-sold for crypto. Despite facing a backlash from fans, the company has doubled down on it.

Sega is another global gaming company to has shown some interest in blockchain gaming, although they have remained rather distant and noncommittal to the idea. This is because they have wanted to be careful, despite explaining that they would not be implementing non-fungible tokens if they felt they were only seen as a money-making scheme.

Electronic Arts is another global games studio that has decided to remain noncommital to the idea, although CEO Andrew Wilson has had to reverse a statement in the past that suggested NFTs would be important to the gaming industry amid backlash from fans.

Nonetheless, there are many in the industry that continue to challenge the idea that NFTs and blockchain gaming is a good thing. Atsushi Inaba and Hideki Kamiya, who are executives of PlatinumGames, have called out Konami publicly because of the developer’s NFT motivations, stating that they felt it was only used to drive profit rather than anything else. They did, however, admit that there could be of importance in the future, but it would not be an immediate benefit to anyone at this stage.

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