4 Things You Should Know Before Getting An Electric Car

Written by Chad

June 7, 2022

Electric cars are becoming more and more popular each year. This is in part due to the increase in gas prices, and the fact that electric cars are becoming more affordable. If you’re thinking of getting an electric car, there are a few things you should know first. Here are four important points to consider before making your decision.


Electric cars are much cheaper to operate than gas cars. In fact, you can save up to 50% on your fuel costs by switching to an electric car. For example, if you drive a gas car that gets 20 mpg, you’ll spend $100 to fill up your tank. An electric car that gets the equivalent of 100 mpg would only cost you $50 to charge. This means that over time, you’ll save a lot of money by driving an electric car.

Another example, if you have a long commute, an electric car will save you even more money. A gas car that gets 20 mpg and costs $3 per gallon to fill up will cost you $150 per month in gas. An electric car that gets the equivalent of 100 mpg and costs $0.30 per kWh to charge will only cost you $30 per month in electricity. 



Electric cars are also cheaper to maintain than gas cars. There are no oil changes or tune-ups required, and the brakes last longer since electric cars regenerate energy when you brake. If you want to access information in your Tesla, for example, you can do so by using the Tesla mobile app. This is one thing that gas cars cannot do.

Additionally, maintaining an electric car is much simpler than a gas car. With an electric car, you only need to worry about tire pressure and washing the outside of the car.



One of the biggest concerns people have about electric cars is range anxiety. This is the fear that your car will run out of charge before you reach your destination. However, this is not a valid concern anymore, as most electric cars have a range of 200 miles or more. And if you do find yourself with a low battery, you can always charge up at a public charging station.

Similarly, if you’re worried about running out of charge on a road trip, you can always plan your route ahead of time and make sure to stop at a charging station when necessary. These stations are becoming more and more common, so it’s not as big of a hassle as you might think.



Electric cars are much better for the environment than gas cars. They produce zero emissions, which means they don’t contribute to air pollution or climate change. Electric cars also help reduce our dependence on oil, which is a nonrenewable resource.

Additionally, electric cars are much quieter than gas cars. This is not only better for the environment, but it’s also nicer for you and your passengers. 

If you’re considering getting an electric car, these are four important things to keep in mind. Electric cars are cheaper to operate and maintain, have a longer range than ever before, and are much better for the environment. The bottom line is that electric cars are a smart choice for anyone looking for a new car.

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