The Main Benefits of Using Animation for Marketing

Written by Chad

June 16, 2022

We live in a fast-paced society with millions of pieces of data conveyed from one point to another, most of which take place over the internet. Emails, texts, and social media are good for businesses, and everyone knows this. However, a smart marketer also understands that clients want to be entertained and not just presented with mundane facts all the time. Research shows that animations are a great way to increase user engagement and brand awareness. 

This article will look at some of the benefits of using animation for marketing and advertising. 


Leaves a Long-Lasting Impression of Your Brand with Your Clients 

Animations have been shown to give deeper insight into the values and objectives of a business, giving customers a clearer picture of the business, what it stands for, and how it serves its customers. People tend to relate to animations better because it not only passes on the information but evokes emotions (and sometimes even nostalgia) within the customer, which leaves a lasting impression of the brand together with the information conveyed. 


Conveys Complex Ideas Better

Customers receive information in various ways, but everyone understands a video representation better than they would bulky pieces of text that lack appeal. An animation tells a story about your brand by using animated characters of humans, animals, or objects to demystify a complex subject and make it appealing to watch. Animations help break down rather complex information to your audience in a more straightforward way, making the content more understandable and also boosting their interest in learning more about your brand. 


Makes Room for Creativity beyond Reality 

Cameras can only capture so much of what is real. This is why being able to express creativity within your marketing is so essential. Companies in the UK, for example, understand that they have to consult with specific companies that specialize in this area to get their vision right.  People often search for a London CGI animation studio, where they can explore their creativity in areas that would otherwise be impossible with a regular camera. Because animations are not constrained by reality, it allows for more creative ideas in the form of drawn images or CGI to deliver valuable brand content to your target audience.


Helps Target a Larger Audience

Animation is one of the most adaptable tools for reaching a wider audience. When you use powerful animation features for your brand, you stand out from the crowd and appeal to the audience’s emotions, causing them to share and post on their timelines. Animation, with its fun and creative appearance, is a better option for both adults and children.


Boosts Conversion Rate

Studies show that people tend to process visuals 60,000 times faster than text. A moving visual effect, such as what animation provides, increases the chances of people wanting to spend productive time on your platform or website. This is in direct contrast to the effect of having to read chunks of paragraphs and getting bored halfway through. What’s even better is that the majority of online users are most likely to take action, be it purchasing an item or filling out a contact form, after seeing a video. 

Animation helps your message get to your client in a more engaging way so they can actually learn about your business. A good idea will be to add a call-to-action after an animation to trigger them to take immediate action after watching it. 


Can Easily Be Modified without Reshoots 

If you want to do business or market in the digital age, you must be ready to adapt to changes as quickly as possible, and you must update whatever medium you use to market your products or services. An animated video is an easy way to keep your content fresh for your audience. If you need to change your content to appeal to a different audience, animated content is easier and less expensive to change than reshooting a video entirely.


Animation Is Timeless 

In marketing, using models to represent your brand may be a good idea, especially when using media to reach out to your audience. But what happens as soon as the star power of the model begins to die down? Factors such as retirement or bad press could affect the star power of models and this could take a toll on your business if quick action is not taken for a replacement. 

However, the value that animation brings to the table is timeless. With animation, marketers can create videos that can be used across multiple campaigns. In addition, most animated content is more likely to be shared on various social media platforms outside your campaign. 

Animations are used for a variety of purposes, and just about any of them can be a valuable tool for any marketer looking for a better way to connect with their audience in this digital age. Whatever you’re marketing, animation has the ability to bring creativity to life, making it critical for driving conversions and ultimately generating more sales for your brand.

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