Event Alert: CONQuest 2022

Written by Chad

July 13, 2022

We got a new event coming at the end of July that gamers and otakus will be in for a treat

July is loaded with geek events that will keep any fans of anime, cosplay, pop culture and gaming occupied for the entire month. And this particular event is no stranger to the scene.

CONQuest is one of the rising events that became an instant hit in Iloilo, now heading to Manila for the first time on July 23 and 24 at the SMX Convention Center. Organized by Acadarena, the event features a ton of activities in esports, cosplay, gaming and pop culture. And they are bringing big personalities into the content creation world and even gaming, so here are the things that you can expect at CONQuest.


A ton of guests to meet

They are bringing some of the big personalities in gaming, especially fans of Genshin Impact. Anne Yatco (Raiden Shogun), Ratana (Yae Miko) and Christian Banas (Thoma) will be making their appearance at the event.

If you love Vtubers, they’ve got you covered as Bao and Senz will also be gracing their virtual shenanigans at CONQuest. More guests will be joining from the cosplay, esports, digital arts and content creation scene from the likes of JiConyo, Gloco, Mika Fabs, Hunghang, Little Things, Maggiekarp, Liui Aquino, Riku, Kang Dupet, Midnight and more.


Activities for everyone to enjoy

An event is not complete without any activities, and there are more activities on stage that will complete your experience for the entire weekend.

Esports fans will be able to catch the Alliance Games Finals to find out who will emerge victorious in the biggest campus gaming league, featuring League of Legends, League of Legends: Wild Rift, Valorant, Mobile Legends and Call of Duty Mobile. There will be a Celebrity Showmatch in Valorant featuring popular Valorant content creators and streamers that fans can look forward to. There will be open tournaments for those who want to challenge themselves against other attendees, this includes a leg for the Road to REV Major in select games.

Cosplayers can show off their best outfits and skits at the Gyeonggi International Cosplay Festival Primaries where they will compete for a shot to represent the Philippines in South Korea.

Plus, special stage segments and talks about content creation and gaming will be available for those wanting to learn more in the industry. If you love to get a buttload of free goodies and merchandise, there is the PassportQuest where you need to complete tasks to earn rewards.


More booths to explore

There will be booths from big tech and gaming brands participating at the event with their own set of activities that you can participate in. There’s also the Art Gallery where you can support independent artists and illustrators showcasing their works. Then there are the fan-favorite Crafter’s Quarters selling merch and fan arts from your favorite sellers and artists. And the Tabletop Zone where you can enjoy some board games with your friends or fellow con-goers.

So mark your calendars on July 23 and 24 for CONQuest, you can purchase your tickets right here.



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