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July 27, 2022

Otasuke Cosplay Festival July 2022 is a cumulative semi-quarterly cosplay event hosted by OtaCutE Inc. that celebrates the appreciation of the Art of Cosplay, Japanese culture, J-pop, and many more.

Abbreviated as OtasukeFes, this festival gathers people from different walks of life, regions, etc. as they share their bountiful appreciation for this underrated costume-roleplay art form as they bind it with the likes of games, theatrical arts, performances, and many more.

For the last few years during the pandemic, OtaCutE has consistently evolved, as they add new activities, games, contests, and more; to make sure that every event, will have something fun and awesome, OtaCutE’s main goal is to spread HAPPINESS TO EVERYONE, not just for cosplayers, but literally for everyone. OtaCutE is also pioneering the Maid café and AniKura, with 30 AMBASSADORS from the cosplay community.

Expect a lot from OTASUKE COSPLAY FESTIVAL JULY 2022 as they introduce a new stage alongside the coveted LA Village, with two stages open for everything from Cosplay, Japanese Culture, Anime, and AniKura, we have more activities alongside the popular activities:

  • Cosplay Competition
  • Cosplay Fighting Performance
  • Cosplay Dance Performance
  • Cosplay Runway
  • Kimono Fashion Show
  • Karaoke Competition
  • Meet & Greet with a Special Guest
  • DJ Performances
  • Artist Alley
  • Exhibitor’s Booth

OtaCutE Japanese Amusement Park / Shop also offers Rental costumes are very helpful for other cosplayers, since you don’t need to bring a lot of bags etc., and that is one of the hassle things to do as a cosplayer, and there is the baggage storage area for everyone so you don’t probably need to carry your bags all the time.

THE WALLSTREET will be officially debuting in OTASUKE COSPLAY FESTIVAL JULY 2022 as the new venue for everything Cosplay, Japan Culture, and Anime Club / AniKura. The venue aims to bring grassroots events to the Cosplay, Gaming and Local Club Industries. Bringing new canvas to more event ideas and most importantly, a fresh place for Cosplayers, con-goers, and even club enjoyers alike.

With the new stage, there will be the COSPLAY RUNWAY and special KIMONO FASHION SHOW (in collaboration with Kimono PH) to embrace and bring appreciation of the art form of Cosplay and Japan Culture. This will also bring new vibes for Cosplay Competitions, Karaoke Competitions, and Special Performances like Philippine Karate Team’s James De Los Santos and 2022 World Games Karate Gold Medalist, Juuna Tsukii; WOTAGEI HIBANA; LOLBABES & LOLBOYS Dancers; URODIA; NEKONNECT; And the Iconic Duo, polar.

On the same venue at the WALLSTREET and in collaboration with EXOSIA Project, OtaCutE will be also debuting a new Anime Club / AniKura + Japanese Themed Club event called JAPANIGHT.

JAPANIGHT will be a dedicated event on July 30 (Day 1) to bring grassroots to both the developing AniKura and Local EDM (Electronic Dance Music) Industries and introduce Otasuke Cosplay Festival attendees to the wonderful club life. It will be a night full of AniSongs that will get you energized to dance and even give a throwback to the classics from the performers old and new.

Performers like DMC 2021 Philippines Finalist and Turntablist HENERAL TIMMEH, and House Disc Jockey DJ BORI will be debuting and will give crossovers that both old and new Anime fans would enjoy; Also will headlining by known SEA AniKura Disc Jockey, DJ ZEROBLADE to bring light for the AniSong and Wotagei scene, alongside with the renowned Disc Jockey, Music Producer, and EXOSIA Project’s Founder, NICDROID as he makes his return in Disc Jockeying to bring rave parties to full energy with AniSong crossover with his signature Hard Dance and Eurobeat.

OTASUKE COSPLAY FESTIVAL 2022 will be jam-packed with activities for everyone to enjoy and both OtaCutE and co-presenter EXOSIA Project will look forward to expanding more to both bring HAPPINESS TO EVERYONE and ASCEND TO GREATNESS.

Attendees can get tickets here: https://bit.ly/3NKHvLRPurchases can also get a chance to win a Nintendo Switch!

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