Digimon Survive is Now Available

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August 2, 2022

Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia is pleased to announce the launch of Digimon Survive on the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S as well as the Steam version.

Bonus Content Details

Players will be able to acquire the DLC-limited additional monster, Guilmon, as the early purchase bonus for the game. For those who purchase the package version of the title, they will receive Digimon Survive Release Commemorative Promotion Pack, which contains three promo cards from the popular Digimon Trading Card Game.


Digimon Survive is a text adventure and tactical battle game, featuring the dramatic adventures of the teenage protagonists and their monster allies, as well as tactical battles in which allied monsters are controlled in their clashes against enemy monsters.


Explore the story about the “bond” created between the teenagers and monsters that are tested amidst danger 

Lost on a school camping trip, a group of teenagers are transported to an alternate dimension, and now face a different world where mysterious creatures and monsters are aplenty. The teenagers are forced to fight to survive terrible peril while allying with some of the monsters they encounter.


Navigate the changes in the story that is dependent on the choices made, and determine the monsters’ evolution 

The choices the players are forced to make throughout the game will impact both the evolution of their monster allies and the final ending of the story. Choices may appear in the middle of conversations, where each option will change the path of the story and affect the evolution of the player’s monster partner, Agumon.


Engage in battles that make full use of the monsters’ skills and evolution 

Tactical battles with hostile monsters are fought in 2D, in classic SRPG style, using graphics with enhanced spatial rendering capabilities to portray the mystery and drama of the parallel world. These will occur occasionally in the story, where players can place up to 10 monster allies on the field to fight.

Monsters use up SP when they carry out their skills or evolve to the next stage. By utilizing the abilities of each monster, players can devise a strategy and fight while taking into consideration the terrain and environment they are in.

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