Hyper Front has Officially Launched

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August 3, 2022

NetEase Games announced that the ultimate 5v5 first-person shooter for mobile phones, Hyper Front, has officially launched. Hyper Front is launching in most areas in the world. Hyper Front can be downloaded now for free on Google Play and Apple App Store!

Hyper Front is a 5v5 competitive first-person shooter, set in a near-future sci-fi world that features realistic weapons and high-tech gadgets. Hyper Front features intense PVP matches, spread across six different gameplay modes, allowing teams of players to work together and take down their foes. The gorgeous visuals in Hyper Front will bring this stunning sci-fi universe to life on smart devices, with players able to jump in at any time on their phones.

The combat in Hyper Front takes place with swift and exhilarating battles happening in the Search and Destroy mode, as teams of players take part in deadly gunfights, where precise shooting is key. You can also spend Star Coins between rounds in order to improve your abilities and weaponry, ensuring no two games is ever alike! The other gameplay modes in Hyper Front are Team Mode, Deathmatch, VS Bot, Quick SnD, and Arms Race. If you want to play co-op with your friends, then Team Mode and Quick SnD will let you jump into the action and dominate the competition with your teammates!

Hyper Front lets you take on the role of different hero characters, each with their own unique attributes and special powers. These powers include creating clones, shrouding, healing, and laying traps for foes. You will also have access to over 20 different guns in Hyper Front that are spread across six categories. Each gun in in Hyper Front has undergone precise adjustments, in order to ensure that they feel as accurate as possible to their real-life equivalents. It’s up to players to combine their gunplay skills with their special abilities, in order to outthink and outmaneuver foes.

There are three new heroes in Hyper Front at launch: Nemesis, Cure Light, and Veil. Nemesis is a warrior clad in darkness, who can summon illusions made from the void, create a sphere of night to hide his movements, and create clones that can act as puppets under the player’s command. Cure Light is a doctor who treats wounds with the power of science, who can heal allies, create forcefield obstacles, and revive fallen allies. Veil is a mysterious beauty with the power to control sand, which she can use to create walls, obscure her movements, and summon sandstorm traps that damage foes. These characters bring new possibilities and strategies to Hyper Front and you’re going to have fun learning how to fight them or counter them.

Hyper Front features five immersive PvP maps, including a Japanese-style courtyard, an arctic ice field, a South American-style city, a coastal town, and a brand new desert tower stage. These maps have undergone careful editing in terms of their visual design and how they influence the game mechanics, in terms of different tactics and team compositions. Hyper Front has added a ton of content and undergone a lot of refinements throughout its testing period, thanks to the dedication and support from the fanbase. The game is now ready to be enjoyed by players across the globe, as Hyper Front is waiting for you to take up arms and join everyone on the battlefield.

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