Asus ROG Strix G15 (2022) Gaming Laptop Review

Written by Chad

August 24, 2022

There’s no stopping Asus as they updated their AMD-powered Strix gaming laptops for 2022, but can this be enough to convince you to get their powered-up laptops at a good price?

Asus has a wide range of gaming laptops that suits your gaming taste, from the premium Zephyrus laptops to the best-valued TUF line, yet there is a series that goes up that level of performance and value, and the Strix series is where it shines. The Strix G series offers an AMD CPU and Nvidia GPU combo that can provide optimal gaming performance and with the updated 2022 version adding some improvements, let’s see if this is a must-have for any gamers that are looking for a mid-range gaming laptop.

For starters, here is the rundown of the Strix G15 (2022)‘s specs that we tested:

  • Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 6800H Mobile Processor
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti
  • Memory: 16GB DDR5-4800 SO-DIMM (Max capacity 32GB)
  • Storage: 512GB PCIe 4.0 NVMe M.2 SSD
  • Display:
    • 15.6-inch FHD (1920 x 1080) 16:9 anti-glare display
    • Refresh Rate: 300Hz
    • Response Time: 3ms
  • I/O Ports:
    • 1x 3.5mm Combo Audio Jack
    • 1x HDMI 2.0b
    • 1x USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C
    • 2x USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A
    • 1x USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C support DisplayPort / power delivery / G-SYNC
    • 1x RJ45 LAN port
  • Keyboard:
    • Backlit Chiclet Keyboard Per-Key RGB
    • Support NumberPad
    • Touchpad
  • Operating System: Windows 11 Home
  • Dimensions: 35.4 x 25.9 x 2.26 ~ 2.72 cm
  • Weight: 2.30 Kg
  • Included in the package:
    • ROG backpack
    • ROG Impact Gaming Mouse
    • AC Adapter

So far Asus continues to balance its design that is in-between stylish and simple, you can choose from the plain back design with just the ROG logo or have the illuminating version that makes your gaming personality stand out. It features the ROG initials on the corner that comes in Eclipse Gray, Volt Green and Electro Punk (we tested the Eclipse Gray variant). For the input and output ports, the 2022 version of the G15 offers a generous amount of USB ports for both Type-A and Type-C, and yes an RJ45 LAN port is included in all 2022 models. Though it would have been nice if they included a Thunderbolt port or even a card reader since there is still ample enough space on the right side as the laptop already maximized both the back portion and left side.

There’s a reason why the G15 is thick (going around 2 and a half centimeters), and it’s thanks to its improved thermal cooling that ensures your gaming performance won’t drop due to overheating issues. There are three exhaust vents both on the sides and at the back for better heat dissipation, but this can be a problem for some users with tight spaces as heat that is exhausted from the sides can be unbearable if you are holding a mouse beside it and within a couple of inches near the laptop.

The keyboard has RGB lighting and can be customized with the Aura Sync app, the layout has dedicated keys for launching the Armory Crate app. operating modes and volume control for quick adjustments without the hassle of launching or accessing the controls by navigating around your apps. It also has a light bar below the laptop that can be paired with the keyboard for more personalized options on your gaming sessions or if you just love flexing those bright colorful lights. The touchpad acts both as your mouse control and Numpad with a simple touch on the upper right portion, however, it can be a cumbersome feature especially if you are the type that frequently uses the touchpad for your daily web browsing since a slight touch can instantly toggle the touchpad’s function. A good solution is having a function shortcut for the Numpad switching.

A great gaming laptop needs a high-performance display unit and the G15 (2022) features an ultra-fast and high-definition 15-inch screen that has 300hz for its refresh rate and 3ms response time, and testing it with several games and videos, it really did its job right with super smooth framerate and vibrant display. What lacks in the 2022 version is the built-in webcam, though most target consumers who are gamers would prefer not to have the webcam in their laptops and would eventually just purchase a higher quality stand-alone webcam or digital camera for their streaming sessions.

Audio-wise, it features Smart Amp Speakers that produce great quality audio that really surpasses your conventional laptop speakers, it has a total of four speakers, two right below the laptop and the other two just at the bottom of the screen producing louder audio. It may not be as close as good as any high-quality speakers, but it’s good enough to be used for gaming sessions and movie watching.

As for performance, we tested the gaming laptop on several benchmark tools and are happy with the high results when running in its performance mode. Considering that it’s running on Ryzen 7 processor, it can handle programs with ease based on the results after the tests, the same goes with speed performance for the SSD with the NVMe, it can boot up Windows in mere seconds right to the login screen, and loading speed for running apps and games were fast as well. As for connectivity, playing on both wired via the RJ45 port or wireless provided less latency and there weren’t any disconnection woes when playing online through WiFi.

With an Nvidia Geforce RTX 3070 Ti installed on the laptop, you will be able to play the latest games with ease. We tested a couple of high-end games that require a powerful graphics card when running on the highest settings.

The included Armory Crate app provides support and options for customizing the G15’s performances. From checking the status and temperature to customizing your Aura Sync RGB settings, it’s an all-in-package that doesn’t require you to install different tools that would bloat your system. Sadly, the current operating system for the G15 (2022) is the latest Windows 11 which still has issues in terms of performance and compatibility, it would have been nice to offer an option for consumers to choose from Windows 10 or 11.

Finally, battery life for the gaming laptop can last long at around 10 hours when watching videos and around 6 to 7 hours when playing games but can last longer depending on how demanding the games are for processing and graphical power. It has the option to charge via a Type-C port for faster charging, but the G15 still includes the conventional charger for your everyday use.

Overall, the ROG Strix G15 2022 Edition is a top choice for a gaming laptop that is in-between performance and price. It still has that RGB gimmick on the keyboard and light bar for that gamer personalization, but the loaded high-performance CPU and GPU and high-definition display sweetens the deal. There are some minor caveats from the annoying numpad toggle to the thermal vent placement, but it does not diminish the overall experience of owning this laptop. This is your best pick if you don’t want to go premium on higher-end laptops like the Zephyrus as the G15 2022 can still pack a wallop for your gaming pleasure.

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