A Moment with the Beast Daigo Umehara at REV Major 2022

Written by Jillian

October 8, 2022

Rev Major 2022 came back last September 17 to 18 at the SMX Convention Center Manila Functions Room 4 & 5 organized by Gariath Concepts brought to us one of the biggest highlights in this event is the one and only 6-Time EVO Champion, Daigo “The Beast” Umehara.

Daigo was scheduled to have a book signing at the said event and a lot of his plans all around the Philippines came to Manila to witness him in the flesh once more and have any memorabilia’s signed as well as his book titled “The Will to Keep Winning”.  People lined up in a long queue just to get this special moment with him, have the book signed and other merchandise, and of course a photo session with him.

Everyone was happy to have seen “The Beast” once more in Manila, and hopefully, they could see him in action playing Street Fighter V with the esports players. We are also allowed to have an interview session with him in the Media Area. It was a very wonderful experience to know his insights on the upcoming Street Fighter 6 that was shown at Tokyo Game Show this week. Here are a few of the questions that were asked during the Media Session with Daigo.:


Please note that the wordings are non-verbatim during the whole interview session, thank you to his translator,* Miraflor Perez, for translating all our questions:


Q: Recently you have been playing FFXIV (Final Fantasy XIV) on your live streams, and the community has been supporting you, how do you connect with your community/fans In the game and how do you apply discipline in being competitive in fighting games to games like FFXIV?

He (Daigo) also helps the community, he also the people the circle around him, and that is one thing that he is doing in playing and enjoying FFXIV.

Q: you are known to be a quiet type in fighting tournaments, with that how to you help become more vocal in live streams?

He is comfortable with friends during streaming he is used to talking to some of his friends which he is comfortable doing it but for those, he doesn’t know and not his friends, he is really a silent type of person

Q: The biggest challenge in any athlete is time and in any professional players like in esports, some of them retire in their 30s, so in your perspective, when do you think when a pro player decides to retire?

He doesn’t know when he is gonna retire, he is still tied up to some of his sponsors, and he hasn’t really decided yet when to retire.

Q: You already had an amazing competitive fighting game career for 25 years and counting, what keeps you going, and do you have any plans in the upcoming years?

When he was 11-22 years old he also thought of stopping playing and he come back when he was 27 till now he is still playing Street Fighter not just because it’s a job but because he still loves it, as long as the people still love it, he might not stop and still continue playing it.

It was a spectacular moment that we are able to get this rare opportunity to interview Daigo “The Beast” Umehara and also to finally watch him once again play Street Fighter with the Street Fighter Champion in Rev Major *forgot the name* battle it out on the big stage.


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