Sonic Frontiers is Now Available

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November 10, 2022

SEGA is pleased to announce that Sonic Frontiers was released on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC (Steam).

Zoom through a vast archipelago with Sonic’s supersonic speed in Sonic Frontiers, a boundless action-adventure game! An all-new adventure begins on Starfall Islands, an unknown area where an ancient civilization sleeps…


Experience the Next Generation of Stage-Clearing Action!

This title features the next generation of stage-clearing action by incorporating all of the stages and elements in the game into a seamless Open-Zone world map. There are many Challenges scattered across the islands, so you can enjoy high-speed gameplay everywhere without being bound to the confines of a course.

The map is packed with things to do, such as battles, puzzles, side quests, and Cyber Space levels, and how you proceed is entirely up to you!


A “Sonic-Like” Battle System 

String-up combos in high-velocity battles unique to Sonic!

Combine Dodges, Parries, Counters, Special Moves, and other actions to exhibit your technical mastery in highly strategic battles!

There’s also an Auto Combo feature that allows players to unleash the skills they’ve acquired in furious combos, all with the single press of a button! From newcomers to veterans alike, everybody will be able to enjoy the high-speed action!

In order to defeat the colossal Titans, Sonic must use the power of the Chaos Emeralds and transform into Super Sonic. Super Sonic can perform even more advanced, aerial combos!


Enjoy Conventional Speed-Running in Cyber Space

Hidden in the ruins scattered across the Starfall Islands are entrances to Cyber Space, an area created by an ancient civilization. In these levels generated from Sonic’s memories, you can enjoy the traditional, high-velocity speed-running of the series.


Two Control Styles (Perfect for Beginners!)

In Sonic Frontiers, players can choose between two control styles: Action Style, an accessible control style that allows players to enjoy accurate platforming action, and High-Speed Style, which features the traditional, high-speed controls of the Sonic series. The easy-to-play controls can be selected in both the field and Cyber Space, so beginners to the Sonic franchise don’t have to worry!



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