Greet the New Year with the latest Wild Rift Patch 4.0: Rising Spark Update

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January 2, 2023

Get ready to bend realities, zap opponents, and burn towers in League of Legends: Wild Rift Patch 4.0: Rising Spark.


  • Zoe, the Aspect of Twilight, is ready to reshape the reality of mid lane… or support, for extra chaos.
  • Going from Z to… Z! Bring the lightning with Zeri, the Spark of Zaun, electrifying the Dragon lane!



Looking over the last few patches, there is room for improvement for the late stages of the game (versus the early or mid stages). The focus here is to increase the opportunities for comebacks while maintaining the frenetic pace of Wild Rift. Given that, Patch 4.0 will introduce the following changes:

  • Inhibitors will now respawn after some time has passed. This way, the game won’t feel like it is over if a team loses one early, allowing players to focus on facing off against the enemy team and less on their minions.
  • Once players reach the late game, towers will begin to burn and eventually collapse. This mechanic should not trigger frequently, but when it does, players should feel the urgency of pushing their advantages or coming back from disadvantages through team fights instead of prolonged periods of waiting and farming up.



As a follow-up to the role works in Patch 3.5 with the Jungle, Patch 4.0 will introduce some changes to tan items to improve the overall tank champion experience. The high-level goal of these item changes is for the success and achievements of tank players to be more visible to all players:

  • [NEW] Dawnshroud: When you immobilize a champion, Dawnshroud’s passive will damage and reveal nearby enemy champs. This effect will also trigger if you are immobilized.
  • [REWORK] Randuin’s Omen: Now, when you’re hit by a critical strike, you’ll gain stacks. Attack a champion to consume the stacks and heal based on the damage you took. This is replacing one of the item’s old passives, which reduced damage from all critical strikes. Starting this patch, you’ll need to attack to make full use of your damage reduction instead of passively gaining it, which will reward good decision-making as a tank.
  • [REWORK] Frozen Heart: Basic attacks and magic damage caused by you, or inflicted upon you and nearby allies, will apply stacks of Chill to the enemy champion for 5 seconds. Each stack of Chill slows enemy attack speed by, up to a cap. Riot hopes that with a stacking debuff instead of an effect with constant uptime, Frozen Heart’s impact will be more noticeable overall.



All Random Ultra Rapid Fire Mode is making its triumphant return to the Rift. Queue up and play a completely random champion with low-cooldown abilities.

In addition, we’re introducing Execute-Smite in this iteration of ARURF. Junglers can choose Smite as usual, but Smite’s effect won’t be an active to press–it’ll become a passive instead.  When you damage a monster and cause its health to fall below Smite’s total damage, the spell will automatically trigger, effectively smiting the camp for you. There’s no cooldown for this effect in ARURF.



  • Adding sub-tiers to some ARAM titles, so that it’s easier for players to track their climb.
  • Adding a Role Leaderboard, where players will be able to compare their role scores with their friends. Players will also be able to see the top players for each role in their region. The best of the best will receive a special title
  • At the start of the new ranked season, role scores will be reset. However, players will gain a boost for role score gains in the future based on their performance last season.



Ranked Season 8 is here, and Glorious Crimson Nami is ready to make some waves! Players can play Ranked games to claim her from the Season Rewards tab and pick up her Weapon Augment Upgrade from the Ranked Store.



A new masked villain is ready to take the city by storm— along with any valuables he can lay his hands on. Heroes beware: Supervillain Graves is ready to lie, cheat, and steal his way to the end of Wild Pass Season 8. Players can plunder his Ascended skin from the Wild Pass Emporium before he sneaks away.



Happy Lunar New Year! Get ready to explore a world inspired by paper-cutting art, where players will get to know a few champions and help them enjoy the celebration. The new year is a busy time, so players will have to group up to grab everything they need to cook and deliver delicious food to the Mythmakers in their cozy, but busy food stall. Additionally, Lunar New Year map effects will be returning to the Rift for Patch 4.0. Players will see lanterns and fireworks in their base, along with a new firework effect when a player kills an enemy!

In addition, PROJECT: SURGE will be ready to initiate in Patch 4.0. Players can prepare for new skins and new rewards when this event commences later in the patch.



  • Mythmaker Caitlyn
  • Mythmaker Zoe
  • Mythmaker Seraphine
  • Mythmaker Gwen
  • Mythmaker Caitlyn Special Edition
  • Dragon Fist Lee Sin
  • Firecracker Vayne
  • PROJECT Lucian
  • PROJECT Master Yi
  • PROJECT Renekton
  • PROJECT Zeri
  • Battle Academia Leona
  • Battle Principal Yuumi
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