Summoners War: Chronicles Global Pre-Registration Begins

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January 3, 2023

Com2uS has begun the pre-registration for its new Summon MMORPG ‘Summoners War: Chronicles as it targets the global market.

The global pre-registration for ‘Chronicles’ was launched globally in Europe, South America, Asia, and other parts of the world, excluding Korea and North America, where the game has already been released.

The pre-registration will be available for participation until the official release of ‘Chronicles’. A ‘Special Ride’ will be provided as a gift for participating via Google Play. An assortment of items can also be claimed by participating via the official pre-registration website of Chronicles

  • ▲4-star Selection Ticket
  • ▲300 Rahil Orders
  • ▲New Semester Set
  • ▲New Guard Hair Accessory
  • ▲Fire/Water/Wind Angelmon
  • ▲25 Low Instant Recovery Potion and Soup (25 each)

‘Chronicles’ is the first MMORPG developed based on the IP of Com2uS’ global hit ‘Summoners War: Sky Arena ranked 1st in the Top Games chart and TOP 10 in the Highest Grossing chart in Google Play and App Store after its launch in Korea in August. Shortly after its release in North America in November, Chronicles reached the TOP 50 in the USA and TOP 20 in Canada for Top Grossing games on Steam. The game successfully reached the top end of the charts in various regions in Europe, Asia, and Oceania after expanding service regions, ranking 4th in Singapore, and 12th in France.

Chronicles has been highly acclaimed for its successful transition to MMORPG. It has demonstrated an immersive experience of some key features such as Monster collection and strategic deck building of ‘Summoners War’, a long-running game in its 8th year of service that recorded over 170 million downloads worldwide.

Gameplay has been further enhanced, requiring users to use different attributes and Monsters in appropriate situations to win battles.

Furthermore, user convenience and accessibility have been improved. Chronicles can be played on various devices, including mobile and PC, and can be accessed through a wide range of channels such as Google Play, App Store, Hive Crossplay, Google Play Games, Steam, etc.

The manual play feature has also been refined, enabling more realistic controls. The game also provides quality MMORPG content on PC with precise keyboard controls and stunning graphics.

Over 10 languages will be supported to make all the game’s features accessible to as many global users as possible. ‘Chronicles’ will be released on various channels, including Google Play, App Store, Hive Crossplay, Steam, and more.

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