Guardian Tales Gets a collaboration with Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai

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January 17, 2023

An epic adventure RPG from Kakao Games, Guardian Tales brings you to another nostalgic adventure with the second collaboration: Guardian Tales X Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai. You can enjoy this adventure and challenging puzzles with new heroes from Dragon Quest today which is available on App Store and Google Play for free.

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In this collaboration, you will meet 3 new heroes from Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai which are Hero Dai, Martial Artist Maam, and Mage Popp.

You can play as these heroes while enjoying the short story of this collaboration which will take you to the adventure of Hero Dai and his crews. They find themselves falling into the world of Kenterbury through a mystery rift and they have to find the way back to the world where they came from.

While Martial Artist Maam, her exclusive equipment, and the growth material to evolve her are claimable as a collaboration live event reward, you can obtain Hero Dai and his exclusive equipment in the hero pick-up event. Also, Mage Popp will be available in the hero pick-up event in the collaboration part 2 next update.

Besides, the free summon event is still going on till January 23, 2023, where the player can summon both heroes and equipment up to 50 times for free including the new hero and equipment from this collaboration.

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