Lost Blade, The Comic-style Martial Arts Game Open Beta Launches

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February 22, 2023

The comic-style evil martial arts mobile game Lost Blade has officially launched an open beta for Android and iOS in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao regions, as well as Singapore and Malaysia. Log in and complete the Seven-day tasks, players will get at least 365 free draws and other great rewards!

There is a dark martial arts world in Lost Blade. The Heavenly Tome written with souls and blood has been lost for a long time; Five evil factions contend with each other for generations. Players will be the masters of Heavenly Tome, dealing with all forces, redefining the good and the evil, and setting a new order for this world.

Unique and Thrilling Comic Battles

The game adopted a special comic art style to demonstrate the battle scene dynamically. The combination of ink-wash painting and comics allows players to experience exciting battles that break through different dimensions.

Upgrade Easily by Farming AFK

You will receive extensive benefits with AFK. Stop anytime you want, and you’ll receive rare resources easily. Build your own peerless team and top this evil martial arts world!

Enjoy Adventurous Peregrination in the Wild

In the process of exploring the wild, you will activate different random events and go deeply into the secret world. You will also meet all kinds of heroes, get to know incredible stories, and gradually uncover the mystery of the Heavenly Tome.

Experience All Kinds of Fun in the Martial Arts World

In this place, you don’t just fight heroes. There is a Tea house, Elemental Tower, Escort Agency, Wealth Pavilion… Everything is available in various scenes. You can immerse yourself in the most authentic martial arts adventure.

365 Free Draws for Completing the Seven-day Tasks

After the new character is created, players can get many advanced cheats through daily login, online rewards and beginner tasks, and quickly establish the best squad. There are also 30,000 ingots and other rewards, all waiting for you to unlock!

Get Two Five-star Heroes for Free to Build Your Perfect Team

Players who pre-registered from the App Store or Google Play will get two five-star heroes, “Embroidery Lady” and “Frost Dragon”, which will help to create a perfect start.

Embroidery Lady

As one of the most practical auxiliary heroes in the game, Embroidery Lady has all-around abilities such as healing, resurrection and injury reduction, greatly enhancing the team’s survivability.

Frost Dragon

Frost Dragon is petite, but she is indeed the most reliable character. Her ultimate skill has an 80% chance to freeze the rivalopponent, causing a lot of damage and limiting the rivalopponent’s skill output. At the same time, she will add a shield for herself at every turn. Combined with Embroidery Lady, there is no stronger team than them.



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