April showers bring naval powers in World of Warships: Legends’ latest update

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April 11, 2023

Wargaming, the publisher and developer of the popular multiplayer naval action World of Warships, is introducing plenty of new content in its April update for the console edition World of Warships: Legends. This update marks the fourth anniversary of Legends with plenty of in-game rewards including a Premium Tier IV destroyer for veteran players. Alongside these celebrations, Legends gears up for a slew of Japanese-themed content drops, with a Golden Week range arriving on April 24, the introduction of card Collections to the game, and Japanese Premium battleship Iwami waiting at the end of another classic Warships campaign.


World of Warships: Legends turns four!

Marking four years since the launch of the game’s open Beta test, World of Warships: Legends is celebrating its anniversary by sharing a special Loyalty Reward bundle with players. These prizes increase in value based on how long players have been in the game, with seasoned Legends veterans unlocking an exclusive Tier IV destroyer, the French Premium ship Cyclone. Additional rewards can be achieved by completing a special time-limited anniversary mission.


Silver Tsurugi Campaign and Golden Week Content

Celebrations don’t stop there! With Golden Week coming up on April 24, Legends is introducing a special range of content as a part of the festivities. Included in this range are ship skins, a new crate, and a unique Commander guise that comes equipped with its own special voiceover.

More Japanese content continues, with the new Silver Tsurugi Campaign. Following the classic five-week, 100-milestone format, this campaign culminates in the enviable Japanese Premium battleship Iwami. Worth adding to any armada, Iwami maximizes its incredible accuracy through both lethal torpedoes and rapid-firing main caliber guns.


Collections come to Legends

Debuting into Legends’ waters, Collections enter in this update. Obtained through special crates and across mission chains, these collectibles offer a new way to put together memorabilia. The first of this new series is the 12-card Kaigun collection, themed around Japanese Navy Commanders, ships, and aircraft. For completing this inaugural collection, players will be rewarded with Mikasa ’23, sporting a bright new paint job.


Into the Arena with Arms Race Mode

Closing out this packed update is the launch of three Arena Seasons in Legends. Kicking off April 20, players can battle it out in Arms Race Mode, using ships from Tier VII-Legendary to prove their mettle, depending on the season.

The mobile edition of World of Warships: Legends also sees a handful of updates, with improvements to the main menu user interface, updates for the zoom-in binocular view, as well as a new, simplified introductory battle for players that comes equipped with a guided tutorial.

All aboard for $120,000 in rewards

Adding to the fun, World of Warships is introducing an exciting month-long opportunity for PC players to win their share of a $120,000 prize pool! From April 6, players who unlock three selected newcomer achievements can earn $20 in their PayPal account. Seasoned players can also get in on the action, by inviting new players through the Recruiting Station, to unlock $10 per recruit to their wallet.

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