PUBG Mobile Makes Another Brand Collab, This Time with BE@RBRICK

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April 18, 2023

PUBG MOBILE has partnered with collectible brand BE@RBRICK, to bring some of the world’s most highly sought-after collectibles to the battleground.

Designed and produced by Japanese company MEDICOM TOY CORPORATION, BE@RBRICK collectible figures are making their PUBG MOBILE debut today! In battle royale matches on Erangel, players will randomly find three types of giant BE@RBRICK spread throughout the map. By interacting with them, players will be able to gain supplies corresponding to the type of BE@RBRICK they find.

Additionally, four BE@RBRICK companions will be available to join players on the battlegrounds – Level 3 Helmet BE@RBRICK Buddy, Ghillie Suit BE@RBRICK Buddy, Underworld Guide BE@RBRICK Buddy, and Air Drop BE@RBRICK Buddy – as well as a collection of brand new items, allowing players to show off their very own in-game PUBG MOBILE-themed BE@RBRICK collectibles!

“We’re so excited to provide a new platform for these exclusive collectibles, and introduce a truly trendsetting brand to PUBG MOBILE,” said Vincent Wang, Head of PUBG MOBILE Publishing, Tencent Games. BE@RBRICK produces exciting and creative work, pushing the boundaries of creativity in the collectible sphere, just as we’re pushing boundaries in the battle royale genre. They’re the perfect partner for PUBG MOBILE and we can’t wait for players to see these exclusive items in-game, and get the chance to own a piece of art history by joining the in-game activities to qualify to purchase a limited edition physical PUBG MOBILE BE@RBRICK.

We’re very pleased to be working with PUBG MOBILE to introduce BE@RBRICK to gamers around the world,” said Tatsuhiko Akashi, MEDICOM TOY CORPORATION President & CEO. It’s been a delight working with PUBG MOBILE on an exciting partnership that will allow fans to interact with BE@RBRICK in a whole new way.”

The BE@RBRICK event is now live on PUBG MOBILE, and ends May 15, 2023. Players will be able to purchase BE@RBRICK companions and items until May 31, 2023

What’s more, PUBG MOBILE’s BE@RBRICKs will soon make their debut in the real world! To qualify to purchase a physical version of the limited edition PUBG MOBILE Air Drop BE@RBRICK, players will need to join in the in-game activities coming soon to PUBG MOBILE. Stay tuned on PUBG MOBILE social channels for more information.

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