Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Free Title Update 5 is Now Available

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April 20, 2023

Free Title Update 5 (Ver.15) for the massive expansion MONSTER HUNTER RISE: SUNBREAK (Nintendo Switch / Steam ver.) is now available

In addition to “Amatsu” and “Risen Shagaru Magala”, there will also be two Risen elder dragons added to the Anomaly Research Quests. Additionally, there will be multiple updates to the Anomaly Research Contents, including the level limit of Anomaly Investigations expanded to 300, and the addition of new items in Melding Pot.

Additional Monsters

Amatsu – This Elder dragon can manipulate the weather and can conjure up unrelenting gales. Amatsu glides through the air on currents they create using their wing membrane, making it look as if they are dancing in the sky. The storms they summon are extremely destructive and can lay entire cities to waste, thus they are known as the “Looming Calamity.” When enraged, their storms become even more violent, enveloping the area with unrelenting lightning strikes.

Risen Shagaru Magala – Risen Shagaru Magala are elder dragons that have found a way to overcome their affliction. By suppressing the Qurio virus, they have gained great strength and new abilities. They release larger quantities of the Frenzy virus, resulting in viral explosions with increased radius. Anything that gets in their way will fall prey to their powerful wing arms. When their anger reaches its peak, the monsters will enter into their Risen state and their body will begin to glow.


Hunt the additional monsters in Ver.15 and use their materials to craft new weapons & armor and strengthen them!

Amatsu quests will be available at MR 10 or higher, and Risen Shagaru Magala quests will be unlocked at MR 180 or higher. Please expect to yield some valuable new weapons and armor, as well as new skills with their materials.


Two Risen elder dragons will appear in Anomaly Research Quests

Risen Crimson Glow Valstrax and Risen Shagaru Magala will be added to Anomaly Research Quests. These quests will be super-difficult. Players who are confident in their skills must come and challenge!

*Quests will be added in “Anomaly Quests” when Anomaly Research Level reaches Lv241 or higher.
*When the Anomaly Research Level reaches Lv131 or higher, the content of the “Anomaly Investigations” will be determined by lottery.
*Monsters of the corresponding level may need to be slayed in MR quests.


Raised Level Cap for Anomaly Investigations – The level cap for Anomaly Investigations will be raised to 300, so prepare for even more challenging monster battles!

New quest mode for expert hunters: Special Investigations – Special Investigations should only be attempted by those who have true confidence in their strength. When a max level quest (300) is completed, the player who posted it would be rewarded a Special Investigation only once. These quests are extremely dangerous and difficult. You can earn a special Badge of Heroes if you complete a lot of these quests with different target monsters.

Added a new item called “Qurious Melding” to Melding Pot – By completing the specific quests included in the Ver.15 update, 2 new types of Melding Pot will be added


Add new event quests that can get special rewards

After the Ver.15 update, event quests with different rewards such as Hunter layered armor and Pose Set will be released regularly.

Some special equipment can be crafted using materials obtained from future event quests!

The Bloodmalice layered armor is a joint effort between Elgado and Kamura. Make sure you do not miss out on this valiant-looking armor, forged by the best blacksmiths of both bases!

Armor and Hunter layered armor “Buff series”. Armor and Hunter layered armor with an immaculate muscular masterpiece.

Hunter layered armor “Lagombi Ears”. Hunter layered armor that imitates Lagombi’s long ears.

Quests can be claimed by going to the Courier and selecting “Add-on content” from the menu. They can then be accepted by going to the Quest Counter at the Outpost or the Gathering Hub.

After the release of the Free Title Update 5 (Ver.15), new paid DLC will continue to be released

A special sticker set newly drawn by Minoto, wild Hunter layered armor piece, face paint, hairstyle, BGM, and “Rondine” Hunter layered armor set will be released. In addition, Hunter Voices of Jae, a passionate kingdom knight, and Oboro, a calm merchant, will be released.

After updating, you can access the Nintendo eShop or the Steam Store via the Title Screen, or the Courier at your base.


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