Avatar Generations Debuts Beloved Earth Avatar Based on The Rise of Kyoshi

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April 24, 2023

CDE Entertainment, in association with Paramount Consumer Products and developer Navigator Games, announced a major update for their free-to-play mobile game, Avatar Generations, based on The Rise of Kyoshi, the first book in the New York Times best-selling series Chronicles of the Avatar. Through a fundamentally new feature, Avatar Timelines, players will not only get to play through a new campaign based on Avatar Kyoshi’s life, the first Avatar added to the game after Aang, but they will also be able to collect Kyoshi and other main characters from the novels to add to their teams. The Rise of Kyoshi update is available for free now on iPhone/iPad from the App Store and Android devices from the Google Play Store, just in time for Earth Day.

On the heels of last month’s PvP update and Omashu expansion, today’s update allows players to explore a whole new narrative based on a canonical Avatar appearing in gaming for the first time, the Avatar Kyoshi. This new campaign follows the early events of The Rise of Kyoshi, with players exploring the Yokoya peninsula. Unfolding two Avatar incarnations before Aang’s time, Kyoshi’s adventure adds a cast of new heroes to the game, including Yun, Rangi, Kelsang, and the Earth Kingdom Avatar herself, among others. The majority of these characters, including Hei-Ran, Kelsang, Jianzhu, and Pirate Queen Tagaka will be visually and audibly represented for the first time ever in the franchise.

Avatar Generations is a mobile RPG adventure in which players assemble a squad of iconic heroes and villains from an incredible roster, as they explore a dynamic map of the Four Nations. The game’s turn-based battles are immersive and strategic, with customizable formations and team combos. The journey not only revisits the most memorable moments from the Avatar universe but also offers new adventures to explore. Players can relive the adventures of iconic avatars while battling powerful enemies, upgrading heroes, and mastering the elements to bring balance to the spiritual and physical world.
The Rise of Kyoshi is part of a series of planned updates for Avatar Generations which will add new Avatars from across the franchise into the mobile game through the new Avatar Timelines feature, as the Avatar universe itself continues to expand. Players eager to dive into Kyoshi’s adventure can download Avatar Generations for iPhone/iPad from the App Store and for Android devices from the Google Play Store.
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