Sentai-Themed Bullet Heaven RPG Rift Rangers is Launching Out of Early Access This End of May

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May 8, 2023

Developer Epic Story Interactive will be unleashing the bullet-heaven sentai-themed RPG, Rift Rangers, on the Epic Game Store, and out of early access for full launch on Steam on May 24, 2023, just over five months after their initial launch in early access!
Rift Rangers is a rogue-lite RPG time survival game that fuses sentai action with a retro pixel art style, intuitive controls, and a tight reward loop giving players the chance to save the day as a multi-colored hero of justice! Or suffer a crushing defeat.
Players take command of the Rift Rangers, powerful sentai tasked with protecting the Earth from evil forces – especially those with lasers and sharp claws pouring through a rift in space-time from Master Brain. To save the planet, the Rangers must enter the rift and fight overwhelming hordes of inter-dimensional monsters. If they can hold the line for 20 increasingly intense minutes, their Mega Mecha will finalize its power-up cycle and stomp them all!
The Canadian indie studio behind the game, Epic Story Interactive, is known for developing hit mobile games for internationally recognized brands like Beyblade, Slugterra, and Ben10. Their expansion into creating and publishing original properties on other platforms was a natural extension of the creative process.

“We’re always creating games – and when we find that magical spark in a game that pulls us in, we get really excited,” said Dennis Leong, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of Epic Story Interactive. “We couldn’t stop playing Rift Rangers. Every time we died, we found ourselves restarting the level, thinking, ‘OK, one more time’. The reward loop, over-the-top sentai style, and crescendo of frantic action is simply fun!”  
Rift Rangers takes inspiration from the sentai sub-genre of the Japanese tokusatsu entertainment style, with cool costumes, cheesy lines, comedically evil monsters, and awesome helmets.
As they fight to level up and stay ahead of the relentless enemy swarms during a run, players are given randomized upgrade options with each level. In the true “die, learn, retry” style, when the run ends, upgrades reset, and they can try again using what they learned. To help improve the next attempt, energy chips collected in previous playthroughs can be used to buy permanent upgrades between runs.
The development team used invaluable player feedback throughout the five-month early access period to adjust and add features and content. With the upcoming launch, players can look forward to a host of updates, unlockables, and content, including a new level, Ranger, enemies, turrets, cutscenes, interface, modes and more!
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