The CONQuest 2023 Survival Guide

Written by Chad

May 11, 2023

The biggest community event is happening in just a few days, and we’re here to help you prepare for your weekend-long adventure.

CONQuest 2023 is happening on June 2-4 at the SMX Convention Center, Conrad Hotel and Mall of Asia, where fans of different communities gather for a grand weekend. We’re pretty sure many are excited to attend the event which is just a few days away but haven’t decided on what to focus on the ton of attractions that awaits them at the event. So we’re here to give you a guide on how you can prepare and enjoy CONQuest 2023.


Pre-Event Preparations


Buy your tickets early – Be sure to purchase online before the event to avoid any inconveniences, as tickets can sold out in a few days before event day. And it helps lessen the waiting line before you can get inside.

Load up your digital wallets or have enough cash (and coins) handy to avoid lining up on ATMs – Large conventions is expected to have loads of vendors selling different goodies, so if you plan to splurge on merchandise, it’s better to have your cash ready, and that also involves having smaller money bills and coins available. Alternatively, you can opt for digital wallets like Gcash and Maya for cashless payments as more venders are offering this as alternate mode of payment, so be sure to load up before heading to the event.

Pack lightly and don’t forget your essentials – It’s important that you carry a light bag so that it’ll be easier for you to move around the event area, considering the venue will be packed on Saturday and Sunday. And just bring things that are important, like extra clothes and face towel in case it gets sweaty, or your medications and sanitizers to clean your hands and other items like power bank, pen, your portable game console or game deck if you plan to hangout and have casual matches with your friends. For cosplayers, make sure to ready your luggage for your costumes and separate it from your all-around bag to avoid misplacing your essentials since you’ll likely be leaving your cosplay luggage at a check-in counter after you suit up in your costume.

Always bring extra tote bags or pouches – If you’re going to buy a lot of stuff in the event, then you should prepare where you can store it while you continue your shopping spree. Surely some vendors will offer eco bags for you to carry your purchases, but carrying multiple small eco bags can be a hassle when you still go around the event area. So always have a large tote bag handy so you can just throw all your purchases there and just carry a single tote bag. When you try to purchase artworks or stickers, it’s better to bringer your own storage like a large brown envelope to keep them secure and safe from creases.

Ride or Stay? – Going to the SMX Convention Center can be daunting if you’re from the northern part of the metro, so make sure you plan your travel. Either you book your ride early to avoid the traffic jam or form up a carpool plan with your friends to pitch in for the gas expenses. If commuting back and forth per day is tiring and expensive, then maybe staying at a hotel or rental house would be a better option (or even affordable), so try to book for a place to stay weeks ahead to get better deals and you can share the room with a friend or two to save more.



Event Day Plans


Plan your attack – When you’re now inside the event, you need to plan what you’re supposed to go first? Make sure to check the event program, event map, activity list and exhibitor list ahead so you know which one you should prioritize first. Knowing where to go next can save you a lot of time and you can go back to other attractions that you missed out when you have the extra time

Check the schedule – There will be a lot of activities happening at CONQuest all at the same, knowing the schedule will help you what to prioritize. Always check the schedule of the programs that you will be attending, especially the tournament match schedule if you are competing, fan meet sessions and stage segments of your favorite celebrities, so you can focus on other stuff or have a lunch break outside the venue (or at their Food street festival just outside the convention center) and just come back at least 15 minutes before the expected program so you can get the best seats.

Always stay hydrated – We’re still at the peak of the dry season and the heat can be unbearable the entire day. Always have a chilled water bottle handy in your bag, you can buy water inside the event area in case security won’t allow personal water flasks inside. And make sure to stay hydrated even when you’re inside an air-conditioned building, that makes it double for cosplayers with armored costumes as well, as wearing those armor will wear you down faster, so always carry a drink as you roam around.

Always stay clean – The pandemic may be over, but the virus is still lurking to cause more havoc, so it’s important to be vaccinated and wear your face mask as much as possible, especially the venue will be packed with a lot of attendees. Also have a small bottle of sanitizer and alcohol ready after doing hand contact to items and other persons. It’s never wrong to be cautious and prepared.

Have some (good) manners – Always be nice to everyone you’ll encounter, from shop vendors to fellow con-goers to cosplayers and even to event guests. Always ask permission if you want to take pictures or videos of cosplayers and personalities, when grabbing an item or artwork, because if you break it, you buy it, and even with the security and event marshals, . If they say no, just move on, they might be busy or it could be a very delicate item, you’d be surprised how people respond to kindness, so never be an ass to everyone at the event. Oh, and don’t forget to say the magic word “Thanks” after accomplishing your task.

Don’t forget to Have Fun – Never forget why you are attending the event with your buddies. Enjoy the moment inside the event, try out all the activities if you can and check out the different booths. You might meet new friends along the way that you have the same interest with, or you even find true love.


Enjoy CONQuest 2023 on June 2 to 4 and don’t forget to be prepared before and during the event. The Reimaru Files team will be covering CONQuest 2023 to give you updates on what’s happening inside.

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