CONQuest 2023 Day 1 Highlights – The Big Booths

Written by Chad

June 2, 2023

Check out the big booths of CONQuest in the lower section of the SMX Convention, and that’s just half of the content.

CONQuest 2023 by AcadArena has officially kicked off the 3-day weekend-long gathering of communities. And this year’s event is the biggest one so far as it has occupied not just the entire SMX Convention Center, but also a portion of Conrad Hotel, NU MOA and Mall of Asia with a ton of activities.

For the first day, we take a look at some of the big brands that joined this year’s epic event and what attractions have they brought in.

We got Globe that continues their partnership with CONQuest since last year and they brought in some of the mobile game publishers to showcase their new titles, including PlayPark’s new Streetballers and Mission EVO by Nuverse. There were also several arcade cabinets that were installed as part of their quest activities. Riot Games was also at the event with a huge booth to showcase their game titles from League of Legends, Team Fight Tactics and Valorant.

Then there’s Acer Predator hosting a series of activities and competitions and they showcased their gamer-esque booth. There were several gaming peripheral brands that also participated including Logitech, Red Dragon, Fantech, Rotobox and more. There were some new brands joining as well, such as Garuda Gear for their new line of gaming mouse and mechanical keyboards and Techtime Trade for gaming handhelds like Anbernic and Powkiddy.

Gaming Communities and Esport Teams were also present from Community Gaming to Oasis to Naos Esports having their own gimmicks to promote their teams and partnered games. You should try out Omega Strikers at the Community Gaming booth for a Windjammer-like multiplayer game.

For their main program and esports tournament highlights, they have separate stages that are situated in opposite directions with their Music Night attraction happening at the end of the event day at the main stage.

There were other new faces at the event that are making their debut not just in CONQuest, but in any geek events. We got Pizza Hut gracing the event with their Pizza Hut Gaming promotions featuring Vtubers that can interact with you live. Grab also make its debut in the event as well as Lazada where you can even order some of their featured gaming products. There’s also Jollibee and McDonald’s offering their meals at the event and a first to see both brands participate in an event like this.

These were just a portion of the highlights of CONQuest, and we’ll be featuring the rest of these attractions in the next few days, so stay tuned for our updates


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