CONQuest 2023 Day 2 Highlights – The Community Area

Written by Chad

June 4, 2023

Let’s talk about the other half of the event’s main attractions, the community itself.

For day 2 of our coverage of CONQuest 2023, we take a look at the community portion of the event that is situated on the 2nd floor of SMX Convention Center. The community area has been CONQuest’s main attraction and since its Manila debut last year, this year, the space for the communities is bigger.

The artists and creators were given a larger spot where they almost occupied the entire floor, and that means more choices for attendees on their favorite fandoms and artworks, and also tons of stickers to buy.

On the far left portion of the floor, this is where the indie game developers are located. Attendees can try out some of the promising game titles by Filipino game developers. And if you are looking for retro gaming and music rhythm games, there’s Tito Steef’s section, Osu! community, the Super Smash Bros. PH and the Just Dance PH community doing their set of attractions and competitions.

The new addition to the area is the Advocacy area where different charity organizations are present, including the Metro Manila Pride, Urban Farmers, Make a Wish, SM Foundation and more.

The Community stage is where all the different kinds of panel discussions happened, whether from popular content creators (like Jimmy Wong of the Command Zone) or other hobbies like tabletop games, mechanical keyboards and yes, fishing, or even important topics like game inclusivity for people with disabilities.

The Guestzone is where some of the celebrities and big guests of CONQuest will have their meet session with the fans, from photo sessions to autograph signings, it’s always packed with long lines of eager fans to meet their favorite icons.

And lastly, there’s the Tabletop zone where attendees can try out the newest tabletop and board games along with popular games like Magic: The Gathering, Warhammer 40000 and Dungeons & Dragons. You can even get to learn how to play the games.

We’ll continue our coverage for the final day of CONQuest 2023 so stay tuned to that.

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