Learn about the Different Classes in Dragon Nest 2: Evolution

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June 29, 2023

Dragon Nest 2: Evolution, the upcoming mobile MMORPG from Level Infinite, will deliver a unique experience that will be tailored to each player’s preferred way of playing with its roster of four classes and extensive character customization options.


An Arsenal of Combat Options

Dragon Nest 2: Evolution players can take their pick from four distinct classes, each designed to fulfill different roles but still viable for enjoying the experience solo.

For those that prefer to be active at the forefront of the battlefield, the Warrior class is a perfect fit. Break through enemy formations with speed and power, and utilize close-combat skills to further enhance the effectiveness of this balanced class. Players who wish to engage the enemy from afar can count on the Archer class, whose blend of long-ranged attacks and nifty melee moves always comes in handy. The class’ excellent mobility is counteracted by weaker defensive capabilities, so be sure to keep on the move to avoid fatal damage.

If one’s idea of fun is full of magic, then the Sorceror class is the prime pick in Dragon Nest 2: Evolution. Packing mystical knowledge and skills that boast high damage, extended range, and large areas of effects, the Sorceror will always be dangerous to any unfortunate foe standing in the way. Just make sure to stay out of the reach of your enemies.

Last but certainly not least, players who are more inclined to protect and serve can count on the Cleric class. These blessed individuals are all about defense and control, and in exchange for lower attacking output and mobility, Clerics function as excellent shields for the team in all battles. Not all heroes take to the frontlines, and the Cleric is most definitely a hero for all in Dragon Nest 2: Evolution.


A Hero of Your Own

When adventurers log into the game for the first time, they will be greeted by the character creator. Players can access any pre-created character or embark on their journey with a new creation. The choice of class will also have to be made at this stage.

As for the character appearance, preset options can be further finetuned to players’ desires, with adjustments available for the hair, eyes, face, makeup and more. There are also outfits to try out to ensure everything fits nicely, whether you are playing for the first hour or after hundreds of hours! To start your quest, give your character a fitting name and the world of Dragon Nest 2: Evolution awaits!

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