Event Alert: JAPANIGHT 2023 Bridging the East and West Gap on Cosplay & Anime

Written by Chad

June 30, 2023

JAPANIGHT, a Cosplay & Anime Club presented by OtaCutE Event DAO and EXOSIA Project introduced last year in Otasuke! Cosplay Festival July 2022 is back as its own event on July 8, 2023, at Recto, Manila!

JAPANIGHT Cosplay & Anime Club is a themed night club event that mainly focuses on introducing the wonders of AniKura (Anime Club) and primary event for Cosplayers, Anime Lovers, and Anime Club fans to hang out and party that also brings grassroots to both the developing AniKura and Local EDM (Electronic Dance Music) Industries and introduces the night club life to the community.

July 2023’s Event “EAST meets WEST” won’t be possible without our Major Partners, San Miguel Beer and Cosplay Token (COT), as they will be cranking the Cosplay and Anime Club to eleven!

The musical lineup for the night will be mixed with both new and favorites from the last year’s event: With last year’s closing act DJ BORI, also debuting new AniKura DJs like SIGLUS;

Headliners will be bangers with returning last year headliners SEA AniKura Disc Jockey, DJ ZEROBLADE, Disc Jockey, Music Producer, and Content Creator NICDROID who’ll be also having a special Audio-Visual Experience & 2023 EP Launch; And also coming into the headline also with Cosplayer and Disc Jockeys SIGRID and KAORI RAMOS!

There will be also a Special Performance from FUMIYA which will be part of one of the headliners’ Performances!

There’s also a surprise performance from Japan who’ll be also debuting as an AniKura DJ: MISURU!

Returning from last year, Wotagei Group HIBANA will be also performing again in JAPANIGHT so get your light sticks and your body ready for some high-energy light dance!

There will be also awarding for OtaCutE Events Dao x Cosplay Token (COT): SEXY KYARA Cosplay Contest that will be happening at the Event where you can have a chance to meet and vote for your favorite Cosplayers!

JAPANIGHT: EAST MEETS WEST will be happening on July 8, 2023, at Brooklyn Warehouse, Recto, Manila (near LA Suites and University of the East Manila) Doors Open at 7:00 PM (18+ Only). You can pre-reserve your slots here: https://sizl.ink/OYuWs


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