Black Moon is PlayPark’s Next Mobile Action RPG

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July 11, 2023

PlayPark is proud to announce that the newest action RPG mobile game Black Moon is coming soon for Android and iOS. Black Moon will be published in Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines. The game will also cover four languages: Thai, Bahasa, Vietnamese, and English.

Black Moon Rising

In the year 2179, the world is plunged into darkness. The Chosen Ones are assembled to fight against the waves of monsters that seem to originate from the phenomenon of the Black Moon.

As part of this task force, players are given weapons, pets, companions, and spirits, all designed to be used in combination with each other to create devastating multi-hit attack combos to lay siege to hordes of enemies in this exciting 2D hack-and-slash game.

Build your arsenal of weapons, increase their power, and explore different combinations that will affect the outcome of every battle. Some combinations are more powerful in certain situations, and skilled players will always look to exploit enemy weaknesses!

Aside from a robust single-player story mode, players can also band together and engage in thrilling cooperative game modes designed to test the limits of teamwork and player skill. Customization of load-outs and playstyles are the keys to making sure the mission is completed with the highest rewards possible.

The world of Black Moon is rife with danger, not just from the monsters that plague the land, but also from other Chosen Ones! Participate in intense PvP matches where you go one on one against other players. The Guild vs Guild feature allows players to band together, plan, and execute out-of-the-box strategies to confound their rival guilds and claim the title of Strongest!

Designed to throw you straight into the action, Black Moon’s dynamic graphics, engaging story, and multiple competitive game modes scratch that itch for a great beat ’em-up game for hardcore action RPG enthusiasts and casual players looking for a cool game to pass the time.

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