Identity V Celebrates its 5th Anniversary

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July 17, 2023

NetEase Game 1 vs 4 asymmetric competitive mobile game Identity V held its 5th-anniversary celebration last July 13, with many upcoming exciting activities. Let’s complete Castle Zinaida’s Unfinished Chapter and unlock the 5th Anniversary Adventures for ten free draws and other luxury rewards to all players. Five years of companionship, thanks for everything.


New story, Castle Zinaida’s Unfinished Chapter

The fantasy novelist Zinaida died, and during the funeral, Duke Melody invited the crowd to continue Zinaida’s unfinished posthumous work. Players will be a crucial part of the book as Mr. Inference and join other characters in an adventurous journey to discover the truth of Zinaida’s death.

By unlocking the story, players can claim rewards such as Mercenary B Costume, Emote Unlock Card, Dishes and more. In addition, by meeting the specified event conditions, players will also be rewarded with Portrait, Portrait Frame, Sticker, Furniture and more.


New mode, free to explore the world of adventure

Nothing is impossible in the fictional world of Zinaida! Players can create their own characters by customizing races, professions, skills and explore the continent of Luno. For different events, players will face different choices, and each choice they make will result in a totally different ending. Follow your heart and write your own stories.


More rewards, more surprise

During the 5th Anniversary event, by logging into the game, players will receive 10 free 5th Anniversary Essences as well as enjoy a free experience for a limited time for all characters. There is also a 5th Anniversary Limited Graffiti waiting for you to obtain.

By logging in, players can unlock the content of the 5th Anniversary Adventure and claim a Character Unlock Card, B Costume Unlock Card and more.

By completing the Adventurer’s Guide, players can obtain Standby Motion Unlock Card, Dynamic Graffiti, 5th Anniversary Portrait and Furniture. More importantly, there is an A Costume Unlock Card is waiting for you!

The much-anticipated summer fireworks map will be officially available on July 27, with new components such as the interactive swing! Invite your friends now to create a special experience altogether!


New costume is on the way. Let’s celebrate the 5th anniversary

The 5th Anniversary Essence is available, including the Photographer S Costume, and “Psychologist” and Patient A Costumes.

On July 20, the 5th Anniversary Package will be available in the store, including the Grave Keeper S costume and A Accessory.

At the same time, the Anniversary Costumes and Accessories of last year and the year before last year will return to the store for a limited time, including Gardener – Monstrous Bird and Jack–Tuberose

The Doctor’s Panda series A Costume – Bamboo Guardian will be available in the store on July 20. Little Girl – Panda Friend will also return to the store.

On July 27, the new ONCE series and Ivory Tower series costumes will be available in the store, including Bloody Queen – Promised Day and Painter – Turpentine.


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