Farlight 84 hosts its biggest in-game tournament with the All-Capsuler Cup

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July 27, 2023

The newly-launched battle royale game Farlight 84 continues its groundbreaking ascent in the esports scene with the All-Capsuler Cup – the first official tournament in Asia supported and recognized by the game publisher, Farlight Games. In this first iteration, the competition successfully drew in thousands of mobile teams who battled it out in the Preliminary and Knockout rounds for one of 60 available Semi-Final spots. From there, only 15 teams advanced to the Finals for a shot at being declared the true champion of Farlight 84.

The epic conclusion is scheduled this weekend on July 29-30, 2023, where the surviving teams will vie for the top spot and divvy up a total cash prize pool of USD $40,000. Gamers can catch all the livestreamed broadcasts and stay updated on the latest tournament updates and news by following the official Facebook, TikTok, Twitch and YouTube channels of Farlight 84.

Running throughout the whole month of July, the All-Capsuler Cup has helped cultivate local community talents. It was accessible to everyone, welcoming all Farlight 84 players of various skill levels and rankings, and each week, the winning teams got to walk away with portions of the total cash prize pool. Non-competing fans were also invited to the tourney’s Community Caster search and workshop. Participants got to enjoy a seamless gaming experience as the tournament was hosted automatically and provided a real-time display of points rankings.

Farlight 84 has continued gaining widespread popularity for how it has redefined traditional gameplay primarily through its unique cross-platform feature that allows both mobile and PC users to compete against each other. The game’s matching system was specifically designed so that PC teams challenged PC teams, mobile teams competed with mobile teams, and hybrid teams using both PC and mobile met only hybrid teams. This helps create a fair gaming environment and bridges the gap for everyone to join in the excitement of Farlight 84 together, regardless of their preferred platform.

The greater accessibility and inclusivity it offers add to the total Farlight 84 experience which is further complemented by a diverse roster of heroes, unique combat skills, and powerful vehicles. Overall, these have helped Farlight 84 quickly become one of today’s hottest battle royale games since launching in April 2023 and, according to SteamDB, it consistently ranks among the Top 5 most played games in the market.

“The All-Capsuler Cup is a celebration of the entire Farlight 84 community whose love and support have been instrumental in our tremendous growth and popularity. The Philippines, especially, has stood out for the massive enthusiasm and talent level of its players. The initial numbers from the tournament have only affirmed our motivation to continue exploring ways that we can create value for them and invest in bolstering the local gaming and esports scene,” said Adrian Alpin, Marketing Director of Farlight 84.

The All-Capsuler Cup was also launched in Latin America. The Asian leg of the All-Capsuler Cup was organized by Mineski Global, the pioneer and the largest esports organization in Southeast Asia.

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