Time-travelling RPG Reverse: 1999 opens its Closed Beta Registration

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July 27, 2023

The clock is ticking – registration is now open for the Reverse: 1999 Closed Beta, with sign-ups ending on July 31st. Those interested in experiencing the thrills of time travel can sign up here to Join the Utopia Test on Android, iOS, or PC, which will run from August 4th until August 13th. An extraordinary journey across eras awaits you, fully voiced in English. Are you ready to travel forwards in the rain, backward in time?

Set across a stylish alternate history where supernatural forces are controlled by Arcanists—natural-born spellcasters—players take the role of Vertin, Timekeeper of the St Pavlov Foundation. As the sole person seemingly immune to the time-scouring phenomenon known as the “Storm”, you embark on a journey across eras, searching for allies and clues to help save time itself.

What is the “Storm”? Few have any concrete ideas, but its effect was first observed on the final day of the year 1999. As it approaches, a rare few Arcanists can see its strange reality-warping effects, from raindrops falling upwards into the sky to the world-changing to echo the art styles of that era. Those unable to escape to other eras end up erased from the timeline, and most regular humans find themselves completely oblivious to its effects.

Researching a force like this will require gathering the strangest and most powerful allies you can imagine. From your pocket dimension home base (contained within an old suitcase), summon Druids, occultist socialites, pirate radio DJs stranger things still to join your ranks and aid you in battle.

Those chosen to join the Utopia Test will get to experience the first few chapters of Reverse: 1999‘s cinematic main story, along with several items to speed you on your way. The Closed Beta Test will run from August 4th until August 13th.


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