Philippines claims top prize in Asia at the first FARLIGHT 84 All-Capsuler Cup

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August 10, 2023

FARLIGHT 84 has wrapped up its inaugural All-Capsuler Cup which saw a local team take home the top prize. Fans of the game were also teased with upcoming activities that the entire community can look forward to in the coming months as FARLIGHT 84 continues to captivate the esports world with its fast-rising growth.

After a month of intense battle royale action, homegrown Philippine team ELITEEXTREME1 (XEA) outlasted thousands of others across the region to secure the gold and become the first Asia champions of FARLIGHT 84. In a Best-of-3 finals match, members BBC, Macpro, Revs, and LudyRBZ found themselves in a heated battle that went down the wire and ultimately, outlasted the competition and was recognized as the top survivors, taking home the winner’s share of the USD $40,000 cash prize pool.  Jamilo “BBC” Yap was also named the Most Valuable Player of the tournament finals.

“We are beyond thrilled to have won the first-ever All-Capsuler Cup. This is a very proud moment for us as we get to represent our country and bring glory to our growing community. Thank you to the fans for their continuous support, and congratulations to FARLIGHT 84 and Mineski Global for organizing this event. We are already looking forward to defending our title at the next one,” said Yap.

Apart from organizing the entire Asian leg of the All-Capsuler Cup, Mineski Global also held a Finals Viewing Party for the local FARLIGHT 84 community in the Philippines. Attendees included talents, VIPs, and community leaders who came together to cheer on all the local competing teams and celebrate ELITEEXTREME1 (XEA)’s grand victory. Lucky fans were also invited as part of a raffle invitation draw and treated to a special night filled with exclusive prizes, food, and celebratory drinks. The program was hosted by BurgerKim, one of the winners of the tournament’s Community Caster contests.

The All-Capsuler Cup was successful in showcasing the talents of FARLIGHT 84 players across the region as well as continuing to build camaraderie within its thriving community—bringing people together through their shared passion for the game. With its unique cross-platform feature that allows both mobile and PC users to compete against each other, FARLIGHT 84 has continued gaining widespread popularity for how it has redefined traditional gameplay. The game’s matching system was specifically designed so that PC teams challenged PC teams, mobile teams competed with mobile teams, and hybrid teams using both PC and mobile met only hybrid teams.

The All-Capsuler Cup featured teams competing on mobile. Next, gamers can look forward to the upcoming FARLIGHT Cup – an exclusive PC tournament set to begin this month.

“This is only the beginning. Together with our partners, including Mineski Global, we are committed to building a sustainable esports ecosystem that caters to players of all levels, from the pros to the semi-pros and the community base. Gamers can certainly look forward to more events, partnerships, activations, and community support. All signs point to a strong upward trajectory for FARLIGHT 84 in the Philippines and in Asia, and we’re excited to share more details with you soon,” said Adrian Alpin, Marketing Director of FARLIGHT 84.

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