Snowbreak: Containment Zone Introduces Eastern Sci-Fi Styled Content With “Mingdeng Ritual”!

Written by Allen

August 10, 2023

The narratively driven sci-fi shooter Snowbreak: Containment Zone had a global launch in July, and is now releasing new content under the “Mingdeng Ritual” update. It is now available, captivating players with its rich oriental sci-fi flair. Let’s take a look at what the new version has to offer.

New Storyline and New Bosses
Heimdall forces venture into an unfamiliar mission area where the locals are celebrating the significant festival called “Mingdeng Ritual.” Beneath the festive atmosphere lies hidden danger, with the appearance of the new Titan BOSS, “Fiend”, who exhibits a distinct beast-like appearance, referred to as the disaster beast by the witnesses. The fierce Fiend is ready to challenge adjutants and the operatives!

New Characters

Ji Chenxing, the silver-haired, cold supervisor, made her debut in version 1.0. In this new version, the all-new 5-star character, Chenxing – Ethereal Cloud, makes her appearance, along with Ethereal Cloud’s new weapon and outfit. The new outfit, “Crimsontip Crane”, can be obtained for free by participating in guiding missions. In addition to Ethereal Cloud, the new version also introduces a new character named Siris, as well as a festival theme outfit of Lyfe – Wild Hunt “NightfallScarlet”.

New Gameplay
Building upon the highly flexible and popular level “Clash of Horner”, a new level “Tower Skirmish” is introduced, featuring oriental architecture. Adjutants can freely explore the new area, admire exquisite scene designs, and team up with friends in multiplayer battles. Furthermore, a brand-new mini-game called “Lighting the Way” is introduced, which incorporates a laid-back chessboard-style gameplay, providing adjutants with a chance to unwind amidst the intense battles.

Enhanced Experience and Increased Rewards
For mobile players, a casual shooting mode “Smart Aim” has been added. This lighter shooting mode offers a much needed aim assist which can be hard to do on virtual controllers. This can be accessed within the game settings. There will also be an adjustment for the received amount of DigiCash for cleared content (from 30 to 60).

Twitch Drops – Rewarded Campaign

Drops are being enabled for watching Twitch livestreams of Snowbreak! Make sure to link your accounts and watch to catch some freebies in-game!

Download and play Snowbreak: Containment Zone, now!



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