EasyPC & ROG Philippines Team Up to Launch Their iCafe Seminar Program

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August 22, 2023

In anticipation of the return to face-to-face classes, EasyPC and ROG Philippines have launched an iCafe seminar program to equip aspiring business owners as the incoming schoolyear and relaxed measures nationwide signal the resurgence of the iCafe scene. 

Internet cafes have long been synonymous with Philippine internet culture – from the early days of Friendster and DotA until today, these “iCafes” have grown steadily with each new social media hub and video game release. That is, until the pandemic hit, and the once thriving industry was hit hard with irregular re-openings and indefinite closures. Fortunately, 2023 offers the best opportunity for the scene’s comeback, timed almost perfectly with the return to face-to-face across all industries. 

With all movement restrictions currently lifted, customer confidence in iCafes has been restored. As customers return in droves, existing iCafe owners are reporting a sales resurgence 30-50% higher than pre-pandemic levels. With impending class openings and the return to 100% classroom learning, these numbers are only expected to grow this coming school year. 


ICafe Business Partnerships & Perks 

Buoyed by these encouraging business indicators, EasyPC and ROG Philippines have partnered up to conduct iCafe seminars for aspiring business owners. Each seminar is geared to equip attendees with the knowledge and expertise needed to properly set up, operate, promote, and ensure the long-term success of an iCafe.  

This optimism is likewise shared by their sponsors – industry heavyweights Nvidia, ASUS, Kingston, & Cougar.  Their support has empowered EasyPC & ROG to conduct these seminars completely free of charge, with inclusive meals, free-flowing coffee, & surprise merchandise giveaways for all attendees and potential ICafe business owners. 

Under this partnership, EasyPC offers a variety of iCafe packages for every budget that provides the hardware and equipment aspiring business owners will need for their iCafe. EasyPC also takes care of service warranty concerns through their worry-free outright replacement EasyFix warranty program for applicable tech products. 

ROG, on the other hand, will take care of the branding, franchising, physical set-up, interconnectivity, business viability, and business franchising continuity concerns of new iCafe businesses – with a guaranteed return on investment (ROI) within 18 to 24 months! 

As a limited-time offer for ICafe Seminar Attendees, ROG is also providing the following business start-up perks: 1) Waived ROG ICafe Franchise Fees; 2) Waived ROG Franchise Royalty Fees; and 3) Guaranteed Customer traffic from weekly scheduled systemwide online gaming tournaments. 


What You Will Learn at These ICafe Seminars 

Each iCafe seminar features a comprehensive lineup of training modules that cover all the basics of setting up an iCafe business. The subject matter of these modules are the following: 

  1. Understanding the iCafe Business Model 
  2. Planning and Set-Up of your iCafe Business 
  3. Marketing and Promotional Efforts to Bolster your Business Prospects 
  4. Day to Day Operations and Management of your iCafe Business 

During these seminars, EasyPC & ROG’s brand partners and sponsors will also showcase select product displays and go on stage to talk about their different product ranges ideal for iCafe business setups. ROG will also share firsthand business experiences as an iCafe business operator that has seen the scene’s evolution – from its pre-pandemic highs to the industry’s pandemic decline, and current ongoing resurgence. 


Upcoming ICafe Seminar Dates and How to Join 

As they shift to the Quezon City Area, the upcoming ICafe Seminar Dates this September are on September 9 & 23, 2023 which will be held at the 27th floor Penthouse of the Vinia Residences EDSA Southbound Barangay Philam Quezon City, Metro Manila. (across the highway from Landmark Makati and in the same building as the flagship EasyPC Touchpoint branch) Interested participants and attendees may reserve their slot by signing on the following attached Google Sheet: 


Should a certain schedule slot already be filled up, you may still sign up for a later ICafe seminar date. 

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