Metal Slug: Awakening Officially Launches Open Beta

Written by Chad

August 29, 2023

VNGGames is proud to announce that Metal Slug: Awakening has officially launched its open beta The latest mobile version of the renowned IP licensed by SNK, developed & launched by Tencent is now available on mobile, the game has certainly gained a special place in every gamers’ heart ever since the arcade generation. As the latest version of the classic IP series, Metal Slug: Awakening will have new upgrades from its iconic features, ranging from the characters to gameplay. captivating all commanders to revisit the exciting arcade gaming experience just like the good old times!

While replicating the IP’s signature gameplay as well as recreating most of the classic scenes with 3D visual upgrades, Metal Slug: Awakening also optimizes the game experience for mobile, giving the commanders a refreshing yet familiar feel to the game.

On top of the wide range of characters, missions, and stage levels, Metal Slug: Awakening will have Easter egg surprises in the mobile version! From the iconic chubby Marco to the undecayed mummies. It is surely a treat for all Commanders who are long-time fans of the franchise. Experienced commanders and newcomers will feel welcome with the iconic elements and little surprises of the game, including the rewarding blue and white-striped shorts raised by the Hyakutaro NPCs, as well as his signature salute gesture, and the coin-dropping Djinns. All these hidden Easter eggs will certainly bring back the good old times and memories of the franchise.

Vehicles have become much more mobile-friendly in Metal Slug: Awakening, and they will be bringing back the classics including the legendary SV-001 tank. More unique vehicles are becoming available from spring-legged drilling cars and flame thrower-equipped camels can provide support to commanders for a superior advantage on the battlefield.

Numerous iconic weapons will make a return, like the Heavy Machine Gun which is certainly a trademark of the game. Metal Slug: Awakening also added numerous brand-new guns to your arsenal, Commanders can try out new weapons like the Gattling, Boxing Gun, Saw Launcher and more.


[REWARD 1] Exclusive Open Beta Rewards With 130 FREE Draws!

In celebration of Metal Slug: Awakening’s launch, 130 draws will be given to every commander for free in the first month! This will enable commanders to gain advanced epic weapons.

But wait, there’s more – you may also unlock different characters, including the familiar characters that are bound to light up the battlefield.

  • Head to the main city, locate the Events section and find the 130 Treasure Hunt event. Complete the guided tasks to earn a bounty of rewards


REWARD 22-Star Orange-Graded Blazing Heavy Machine Gun for Everyone!

Get the gun in 3 days and win 2 stars in just 5 days! Complete missions and claim the highly sought-after rare weapon; the “Blazing Heavy Machine Gun” for all your fiery needs. Other than that, there are also multiple Treasure Hunts, Coins and Fragments awaiting you to claim.

  • In the main city, locate the Open Beta Celebration section, and look for the New Recruits Event. Complete the daily tasks to collect fragments and synthesize them to obtain and upgrade the blazing weapon.


REWARD 37-Day Login Rewards – Redeem the New Hero and the Legendary Super Vehicle!

Join the 7-day login event to earn rewards! Start the first day strong with orange-graded weapon fragments followed by the new hero Nadia Casey on the second day! And by the seventh day, every commander will be rewarded with the legendary Metal Slug super vehicle! Not to mention other premium rewards such as Treasure Hunts, rare gears as well as other high-value rewards by just logging in 7 days consecutively.

  • In the main city, navigate to the Open Beta Celebration section and locate the 7-Day Login event. Check-in daily for 7 consecutive days to unlock exclusive rewards. Don’t forget to bump into our long-lost NPC friend – Hyakutaru for surprises!


REWARD 4Invite Your Friends & Win Orange and Gold Fragments

Invite your friends to play the game and receive rare weapon fragments for the Gatling weapon and a chance to exchange the epic gold weapon Saw Launcher! What’s more your friend also will be rewarded with tons of perks that’ll have them fighting by your side in no time!

  • In the main city, find the Open Beta Celebration section and look for the Points Redemption button.


REWARD 5Chubby is Mighty! Transform into Chubby Marco with Apples

Join the transformation craze and claim items to upgrade your appearance. Whether it’s gaining weight or becoming a mummy, transforming is really fun! How? Simply transform your characters with apples and redeem the new hero, Nadia Casey!

  • Look for the Open Beta Celebration section in the main city and locate the Chubby Marco event. Alternatively, use transformation items in Andrew’s Small Town to collect apples and exchange them for coins.


[REWARD 6Open Beta Name Tag Giveaway

Participate in the Open Beta Celebration and get extra coins. By collecting these coins, you can exchange them for permanent thematic name tags. No one could resist having their own unique name tags!

  • Enter the main city, locate the Open Beta event, and access the Redeem Store to win the rewards.


[REWARD 7First Top-Up Benefits!

Top up any amount and receive a powerful hero Eva Glen. She’s an AOE damage specialist with electrifying chain abilities, giving you an explosive powerhouse. And that’s not all, permanent themed name tags, rare gears, and machine parts are all up for grabs!

  • Enter Store, look for the Special Offers, and click the First Top-Up event.



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