Legendary Bureau ships are anchors aweigh in World of Warships: Legends August update

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August 30, 2023

Wargaming, the developer and publisher of the naval franchise World of Warships, is on its way to autumn with its latest August update to World of Warships: Legends. Jam-packed with plenty of Legendary and Premium ships to unlock, this update introduces new free Bureau projects to the game with three Legendary Tier ships waiting to be researched, and a free collaboration themed around American metal band Megadeth. On top of this, August introduces another classic Legends-style campaign that spans five weeks and 100 milestones with Premium German Tier VIII destroyer Z-44 waiting at the end, and three new seasons of Arena Battles to dive into.


Three Legendary ships come to the Bureau

Three free Legendary Tier Bureau projects drop anchor, packed with in-game rewards to unlock. Included in this lineup is French heavy cruiser Henri IV, gifted with speed and punchy high-caliber guns, and the most well-armed ship with 16 15-inch guns, the Italian battleship Cristoforo Colombo. Plus, Pan-European destroyer Halland makes an appearance, doing significant damage across the sea and sky with rapid-reloading torpedoes and guns. This dynamic trio of Legendary European vessels awaits players as the final project prizes to unlock and add to their Armada.


Welcoming the “Wagen un Winnen” Campaign

This August update also welcomes another new campaign to Legends’ waters. Waiting at the end of 100 milestones across five weeks, players who acquired Admiralty Backing and completed the “Wagen un Winnen” campaign can secure Tier VIII German Z-44 Premium destroyer. This special ship is equipped with a healthy armament of rapid-reloading long-range torpedoes, and great concealment to wreak havoc with stealth, especially when used alongside the “Smoke Generator” consumable. For players caught up in the action, this campaign has the catch-up mechanic enabled.


Megadeth Collab 

This collaboration brings – absolutely for free – Tier IV American Premium cruiser Rattlehead, 2 Commander guises, depicting Dave Mustaine himself and band mascot Vic Rattlehead, and also a special flag, base, and patch. This metal content is available until October 2 through platforms, missions, and Legends’ socials.

Alongside the three new Bureau projects, three seasons of Arena Battles kick off on September 7. This cooperative battle mode brings together four teams of three to fight for naval dominance, as players select from seasonally eligible Tier IV-VI ships. Without carriers and with a special Arms Race mechanic implemented, allowing permanent upgradable bonuses to be used, there’s plenty of action to unfold!

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