Tokyo Game Show 2023 Big Booth Highlights Part 1

Written by Chad

September 22, 2023

Tokyo Game Show continues to bring the biggest names in the gaming scene with epic booths showcasing their upcoming game titles for the fans to try out.

While the event will properly start on Saturday to the public, Tokyo Game Show was open to the media and business partners last Thursday at Makuhari Messe. Touring around the event area is not enough in just one day, especially with all the things that you can do at the event, from merchandise to game demos to freebies. You even get to discover some new games that you might not heard of before considering most of the games featured in Tokyo Game Show are Japan exclusive, but maybe learning some few Japanese words wouldn’t hurt.

The Reimaru Files team were at the event to experience one of the grandest gaming conventions and we’ll be highlighting some of the awesome booths that we visited. Here is the first batch of booths from the biggest gaming publishers.


Sega Atlus


Sega isn’t too shy to have a grand setup to highlight its upcoming titles, Sonic Superstars, Like a Dragon Gaiden and Like a Dragon : Infinite Wealth, Unicorn Overlord, Persona 5 Tactica and Persona 3 Reload, plus some of current games from their partners from the West like Endless Dungeon, Hotwheels Unleashed 2, Hogwarts Legacy and more. Their stage has several performances ranging from Sonic the Hedgehog music to dance performances to Persona 3 so it’s always a spectacle to watch.


Square Enix

The RPG giant isn’t slowing down when it comes to new games from the said genre, and they weren’t short with the features. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Infinity Strash: Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai, Star Ocean Second Story R, Foamstars and even Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail. There different merchandise for Final Fantasy VII on display along with a life-sized Hardy Daytona motorbike parked at the booth, heck there is even a Lego diorama of the Crystarium from Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers.


Bandai Namco Entertainment

More games from popular IPs wil be releasing fromm Bandai Namco featuring the likes of Sand Land, SD Gundam G Generation Eternal, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle R, Sword Art Online Last Recollection, My Hero Academia Ultra Rumble. There are also games from their own IPs in line for release such as Teken 8, Tales of Arise Beyond the Dawn, Synduality Echo of Ada and Blue Protocol. And there are merchandise on display for Synduality courtesy of Bandai Spirits and Tamashii Nations.




The folks behind the popular Genshin Impact are bringing their entire game lineup to wow their fans. Aside from Genshin there were Honkai Impact 3rd, Honkai Star Rail, Tears of Themis and the upcoming Zenless Zone Zero where it is playable at their booth. Fans gather at the booth to experience the new game along with the cool prizes they can bring home when they participate in the booth activities.


This is just the first part of our feature in Tokyo Game Show 2023, there are still more booths to feature so stay tuned for more updates as we continue the coverage of the event.



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