NTC launches online system powered by Maya

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October 18, 2023

NTC clientele including telecommunications and internet providers can now conveniently settle their transaction fees online, thanks to the online platform launched by the National Telecommunications Commission, powered by Maya, the #1 omnichannel payment processor and acquirer in the Philippines.

Dubbed the NTC Online Processing System with Digital Payment System (NTC OPS-DPS), the website aims to streamline and expedite the processing and issuance of licenses, permits, certificates, authorizations, and clearances for telecommunications and internet infrastructure.

“This initiative aligns perfectly with our mission to simplify payments for telecom and internet providers, making transactions more accessible and efficient. Maya’s innovative solutions are pivotal in achieving this goal.”

Ella Blanca Lopez, NTC Commissioner

On top of being the #1 digital bank, Maya serves as the country’s payment backbone for all modes of payment, from wallets to cards. For online payments, the NTC OPS-DPS website is now powered by the Maya Checkout payment gateway, allowing the NTC to accept any Maya, QR PH, and other wallet payments.

Peter Cruz, Maya Head of Enterprise, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, saying:

“We’re thrilled to work with the NTC to promote Ease of Doing Business among government agencies through digital payments. Our collaboration with the NTC reflects our commitment to providing all stakeholders an all-in-one digital banking and payment experience.”

This initiative directly responds to President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s mandate to enhance efficiencies and leverage digital technologies to simplify business transactions with government offices in the Philippines.

Telecommunications and internet providers can now fulfill online transactions using digital payments through the NTC OPS-DPS website, avoiding long lines and processing time. At the same time, digitizing and automating payment collection for government agencies ultimately leads to improved public service for constituents.

The NTC is the latest addition to Maya’s ongoing efforts to streamline government payments, offering more convenience for citizens.

Maya is changing the financial services landscape by offering the most advanced digital financial products in the Philippine market. It is the #1 Fintech Ecosystem in the Philippines, with Maya, the #1 Digital Bank, and Maya Business, the #1 Omni-Channel Payment Processor.

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