Com2uS to Hold 10th Anniversary Special for Summoners War

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January 12, 2024

Com2uS launched a special page to mark the 10th anniversary of Summoners War and to hold various events throughout the year.

Released globally in June 2014, Com2uS’ Summoners War has been one of the best-selling games worldwide for 10 years. With its core fun factors of collecting over 1,500 Monsters and engaging in tactical gameplay as well as active interaction with users via constant updates, esports tournaments, world tours, and more, Summoners War continues to break the record by reaching the top 1 in sales in 94 countries, entering the top 10 in 155 countries, recording 200 million cumulative downloads, and achieving 3 trillion KRW in cumulative sales.

Com2uS aims to express their gratitude for the 10th anniversary of Summoners War for their users worldwide by running 10 events throughout 2024. The events will be revealed one by one until December, and each event will be introduced on the 10th-anniversary special page. The page can be accessed via in-game.

The page revealed the first event called “Nat 5 Monster Summon Event.” Users can summon a default 5-star Fire, Water, or Wind Monster every time they log in to the game for 7 days, up to 10 Monsters until Jun. 30th. Then, users can acquire 1 out of 10 Monsters they summoned during the event. Plus, 20 Mystical Scrolls are provided according to the users’ monthly check-in count.

Summoners War released updates for their PvP content including the World Arena by adding a new grade, “Punisher,” and improving the reward of each grade to enhance the overall matchmaking mechanism.

Users can now challenge the Abyssal Floor for Punisher’s Crypt in the Cairos Dungeon and collect Intangible Type Artifacts as a clear reward.

Other events such as “Holiday & Year-End Special Event” and “New Year Special Monster Skill Level-up Event” are also currently available.

Moreover, Com2uS announces that Summoners War is now available on PC via Steam. With support for crossplay between PC, Android and iOS devices, players can now summon unique Monsters, engage in epic Raids, and craft special items from wherever they like to play.


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